Doing stuff

Getting restless with only feeling and thinking and reading and learning and being sensible. So, this morning I thought I was going to do stuff today. Brought back the newly bought expensive juicer, bought a new version of my old one second hand for 6 Euro’s. That’s all, no chance on a roll in LHOP yet. Time for Stephan Covey’s book on ‘Priorities’. Aaaaahrgggg, NOOOOO!!! Not another book!!!!

Ooh, no, I did the online alcohol TOP training. Same as last time. I can actually feel it de-sensitizing me for seeing alcohol. Would like a special version with my favorite brand of beer though. I doubt if I will ever be tempted by the hard liquor bottles that they are showing, they are not in my system.

For those who like to know I have had very little drink think and only 2 short moments of slight cravings up to now. But I am still not doing stuff so avoiding frustration. Let’s see.

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