I should not be waiting to be clear

This is a follow up on the post of yesterday about karma. I am living the alcohol free life momentarily but not yet living the clean life. Yesterday I had the idea that ‘that is something to come’ when I ‘get through this’ whatever that might mean. But it is not. It is something I should DO. Right now. Clear out all these obstacles that drain energy. Clear out the basement, clean the house, pay the bills, do yoga, meditate, DO those things that keep nagging. And I don’t give a shit if it’s gonna turn me all Little House on the Prairy because I like Little House on the Prairy and I am not ashamed to say that (here, anonymously, well actually I am).

Don’t like the episode 142 where they put a butterfly on a string so it would follows some little fellow. From below the butterfly you can / could / should be able to see a tiny thread running down to say 5 o’clock.






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