Normal day 2

Yesterday evening I made A Plan, it included eating times, sleeping times and activity times. It is the vanilla version of A Plan, but intense enough for me to start with. It includes time for the Mind, Body and Spirit and some daily life stuff like admin and cleaning.

Today I have done total 1,5 hours of biking, 3 hours of ‘walking’ in the woods, 2 hours of chatting and catching up with a friend. All friends I meet now say ‘You look so good. Your eyes have changed. You look happy now.’

Went to see a girlfriend who is starting a new restaurant. It was wonderful to see her. And suddenly strange to notice that her husband, of whom she says that ‘he drinks too much’ has shaking hands in the morning. I had never noticed that but I have only seen him in the evening after he already had a few beers. It is bizarre to see how many people are effected by alcohol. See people walking on the street and the fog and the dirt of the city that hangs around them is so obvious. A shame I have been caught in that for so long. Happy that I quit. Looking at it I realise that I do not want to be there ever again. Such a miserable place, who ever said alcohol was fun? Brrrrr. Nasty substance it is. 😦

Spent the afternoon in the woods with 2 women I met on Facebook. We were all interested in learning how to recognise plants and trees so we made an appointment, got some books and went into the woods. It was good fun and we learned a lot! Works out that I actually knew one of the women because she was in a course that I gave at their headquarters. How bizarre in a 1,5 million people city.

Funny how being active one day totally makes me lose my interest in any deep thoughts. So this is where I say goodnight or -day to you. I need to wind down, I only have 2 hours left in the day before my planned sleeping time. 🙂

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