About saving kittens and killing people.

Had A Plan; be in bed before 23:30 hours. Wake up at 8:30 max.

Found a little cat, whining on the streets last night. Neighbour girls said it had been there the whole evening. Up till 1:00 to try and find where it had been lost. Up at 7:00 to make notes before people leave their houses.

Dreamed. Dreamed that I was having a boy intern (I never do, they hardly exist in my field) and that the mother of the intern had received transcripts to a phone conversation that I had with a friend about some abuse that had taken place in my pre-teen years. She said I needed help and that she would inform the school staff and withdraw her son from my company. I said:  ‘I am fine, don’t worry, that is years ago.’ She refused and found it important that I sought help. I thought: that is not what you think is important. That is what you say because somehow you worry about your son. I told her to mind her own business. She kept on pushing and then I pushed her up against the wall, hand under her throat and said. ‘If you take only one step of action on this PRIVATE conversation be assured that I WILL kill you.’ Not sure what to take from this dream, apart from ‘paranoia’ and aggression.

Am curious though why my dream did not put the obvious thing out there about alcohol. It was not about alcohol, it was about abuse. Funny.

Well, saving kittens and killing people. Priorities, priorities….. Need to get cleaning, that’s a bit of a hassle with the house divided in two by 1 door so my cat and the foundling don’t mix.

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