Reminder: online summit ‘Recovery 2.0’

Hi there,

Soon you will not know what to watch anymore! Summit overwhelm! Well, if you got to this page because you searched for ‘addiction’ or you notice you or somebody in your surroundings has a tendency to self-destruct in no matter what way… check out Recovery 2.0  

Also: if you happen to be depressed or experiencing other mental illnesses, quiting alcohol can greatly improve your life. The booze industry usually does not tell you that so I doing that here. 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

I for one am happy that I stopped drinking.

xx, Feeling

4 thoughts on “Reminder: online summit ‘Recovery 2.0’

  1. Hi Feeling – what was the name of that book you recommended me again?? About how to eat etc to fix addiction…female author? I can’t find our chats about it ☺️ xxx Thanks! 😘


    • “7 weeks to sobriety – The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism Through Nutrition” by Joan Mathew Larson. She is a bit angry, but I would be too if I was convinced of what she is convinced off. I am, but it is not my business so to say. I do not have to make money of it and I do not see the actual results in daily life.
      Hope you enjoy.
      xx, Feeling

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