1 Day trial work :-)

Went to introduce myself at a company this morning. I can do a day trial work there next week. πŸ™‚ Still not totally sure if it is going to work because she said she has some doubts but she trusted it enough to let me try. I would doubt me too, my energy is doubtful so… that would statement would exactly be a reflection of the situation.

So…. it is eh, strange. Trying to tame the anxiety upfront while biking there. Realising that ‘What I can do with fear, I can also do without fear.’ I also wondered: wwawwlhd? and I decided she would not berate herself for being 10 minutes later to an appointment which was not set anyhow. It was totally a cold call. Also, upon arriving at the venue I felt I was not confident enough so after asking wwawwlhd? I realised that I needed some time to cool down so I entered the 2nd hand bookstore next door. (YES! They are EVERYWHERE!!! ;-))

And then I dared and thought: A women who loved herself would present herself with confidence, not be too assertive but still leave an impression. AND she would not be berating herself if she got no for an answer. She would be disappointed, she would try to work out why, but she would not take it so personally that she did not like herself anymore.

We had a 15 minutes talk. If all goes as I hope I can come to work next Tuesday. It is a 3-4 days job with possible extra time to come. It is at a firm I really appreciate for their efforts to improve the environment. If I am going to do simple work, which is all I feel up to now, I might as well do it where I agree with the company’s policy. πŸ™‚ I hope it will work out.

After the interview I biked to the give away store to read a book outside in the beautiful nature there but I got to speak with a women who has ADHD and is bipolar. That was sort of a match/mirror for all the flying feelings I had. πŸ™‚

Let’s see what the future brings. I still have this feeling that she can mail and say she changed her mind. But we will see. I will write here a letter of motivation now. Yes, that would be the other way around :-). That is ok.

xx, Feeling

16 thoughts on “1 Day trial work :-)

  1. I love this outlook. I learned the “what would a person who loved themself say/do” question earlier this year and I dont use it nearly as much as I should. thanks for the reminder. β™‘ sending good luck to you as well!


    • I had not heard of it but I got my rock bottom experience feeling wise where I found that everything depends on me not loving me. So now I am practicing it and find it helpful! πŸ™‚ HAPPY! πŸ™‚
      The good luck must have worked because I can work one day as a trial at a company. Not sure if I will be having a job then or will have broken the record of getting ‘fired’ even quicker than 2,5 days as I did the last time :-/ My energy is not so alligned with the rest of the world yet. :-/
      xx, Feeling


  2. Oh Feeling!
    I have my fingers crossed for you!
    I sure understand the energy thing.
    I am trying “act as if”…I had energy.
    Not working today, but then I ‘am acting as if’ I was a slug!

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  3. Wonderful news Feeling! I have fingers and toes crossed for you! it is amazing what a shift in thinking can do. You should be proud of your efforts. x

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