Went out, felt great, lost keys

Day 5

I went out after contemplating for an hour why I was so scared to go out of the house for the first time This is what I came up with:

I’m afraid that people see that I’ve stopped drinking. If I have stopped it should mean that I was addicted and then They Will Know…. Actually that is like saying: if I don’t buy booze people will think that I am addicted while if I do buy beer they won’t. Funny think patterns that feel like they are totally fuelled by booze. This is where I feel it would be handy to be quitting with other people and people that have been there because they might point me to a way out of this.

I’m afraid to be found out as a drinker. Shame, guilt. As Jason Vale says; alcohol is the only drug that if you quit, you have to explain why you did it. So maybe it is not only me being weird about it. Maybe I am trapped in society’s trap of ‘Oooooh, if you don’t drink you must be an alcoholic, shame on you….’ Mostly coming from somebody with a drink in their hands.

And yes, sorry to the people, sorry to the world, I have said things along these lines as well.

Soooo, I went out, it was exactly my kind of weather and I felt fine, actually noticed that I automatically walk faster. Did not know that the booze has depressed me so much that I started have walked slowly for the past few years. I actually felt totally in control, was happy, proud, did my shoppings. Grinned at the overstocked shelf of my favourite beer and got home. 

And…. I had lost my house keys. So, control is there, just not everywhere 🙂



2 thoughts on “Went out, felt great, lost keys

    • Currently practising being sober and being in contact with people at the same time. But I can understand now why all these blog people stay sober for so long! My God this blogging, spellchecking, reading and frasing things so they are ‘I statements’ etcetera takes up a lot of time!


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