Yeah! Blood pressure lower than WITH medicine…

Yeah, just visited the GP and had my blood pressure measured and it is 10 points lower!!! That would be 10 points lower than WITH the 50mg of beta blockers I was taking. According to my plan I am down to 2 times 1/2 a 25mg a day but yesterday I only did 1 times and today I have not taken any yet. My blood pressure is still down 10 points from what it was before I started tapering (is that the word?) / ‘moderating’ the beta blockers.

Hurray for the Schussler salts, hurray for not drinking alcohol, hurray for getting fresh air and walking outside for at least half an hour but mostly an hour a day.

The beta blockers actually, on long term, stimulate the high blood pressure because the side effects are that you sleep bad, put on weight, are just less motivated to do stuff and retain water. And I have slept well-ish for a few nights now. I still wake up a lot of times but in between I have really slept. And that’s new since the first Schussler salt I took.

Kewl stuff. Check here the boring, medical, (a little too detailed but)Ā  precise data on Schussler cell salts, just google anything else for more readable stuff. Also funny is googling on facial features that go with the lack of the minerals. And if you do that in Dutch and look at the pictures you get this.

Happy that I quit. Proud too. I have this ‘I AM A WARRIOR!!’ feeling over me now this blood pressure is going down too. Kewl.

What I want: is for things to be easy. ‘Like that’s gonna ever happen….’ But maybe, maybe this is like I did the happy about drinking too? Maybe I should not be focussing on the unhappy / difficult because that is a mindset that attracts unhappy and difficult. Maybe I should do a little brainwash and see things as easy. I mean, quitting drinking worked out to be easy when I just did it AND brainwashed my to feel happy about it. Hmmmm, let’s see if that road can lead to stuff.

What I need is: food because I have not eaten yet and it is 13:00 hours.

Have a nice day! šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Yeah! Blood pressure lower than WITH medicine…

  1. That’s great news about your blood pressure šŸ™‚ And interesting about the Beta Blocker, too, I was taking one as well, and in October I was hospitalized because my blood pressure had dropped dangerously low. It seems that after I stopped drinking and became more active my blood pressure dropped naturally and I didn’t need the medication any longer. Those descriptions of the facial features are funny: I would have associated “hanging cheeks” and “double chin” with getting old šŸ˜‰ xx


    • My blood pressure dropped due to not drinking alcohol but it’s more that I don’t sleep and do not / can not relax so it did drop a little and then stabelized at 140 with meds. Now it is a 130 with only 1/4th of the meds.

      šŸ™‚ I am guessing we get hanging cheeks and double chin when older because we run out of stuff that the body needs to keep the skin firm. Only part of it is genetic. My eylids are hanging a little, maybe I should make a picture now and compare later! Yes! I will!


  2. Cool. I didnt realize salts were so powerful.
    I think looking at things from a positive view does help. I started some positive affirmations after reading Louise Hay Y ou can Heal your life. It can’t hurt.



    • Well, they do the trick for me so I’ve put it out here. There are actually a few in there that say that help with addiction. But I don’t have anybody to try that on anymore :-D.

      Possitive affirmation. Yes, for me it helps. I’m not really doing anything apart from ‘Happy that I quit’ but I think it works. šŸ™‚ They have worked out that stress changes DNA, so why should it not work the other way around too?

      xx, Feeling

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