High as a kite on happiness

Wow, just went into town after having had a serving of a new Schussler cell salt nr 1 that in my leaflet says will ‘protect you so that you do not have to build walls around you’. I have this idea that I FINALLY in my life found what I have been searching for for years. I walked into town and I could just relax and be happy. I did NOT somehow feel like having to watch over my shoulder, I did NOT feel like any minute there could be a baseball bat in my neck. I did not make up stories like ‘Need to go home to cook potatoes’ just to get away from people. I never knew I did make up stuff. By the way: the city I live in is big to Dutch standards but to those from the UK or USA, it’s only a village and not dangerous. So I have always known this fear is my own.

I could see people, and people who looked seriously ill but without problem I could keep their vibes, their ‘atmosphere’ of them out of me. YEAH, I AM HEALED. 🙂 I have finally found that outer layer that I felt I was missing all my life. The feeling that I am a radio receiving all kinds of input but without the ability to choose a sender or block that what I do not like. I am tired now. Or more: I can finally feel how tired I get from keeping up the barriers. God I hope this effect stays with me. I can finally feel safe inside my body.

Happy that I quit, happy that I found what I was looking for because not being able to close myself of to the vibes I get from other people is one of the things that make me drink, that make me anti-social and that make me fearful, aggressive and tired. I feel that I can FINALLY start living my own life instead of mine unconsciously mixed with 10.000 others.

Happy that I quit. Proud that I have kept on looking to heal myself. And funny, funny, funny that this is with the mineral fluor that actually made me decide to quit drinking in the first place. Gheghegheghe. I got a fluoride poisoning from going to the dentist; heart palpitations and stomach ache. I was in the store and my intuïtion forced me to buy milk, while at that time I did not drink milk so I was struggling against this internal voice. I came home and Googled ‘stomach ache, heart palpitations’ and Google said: fluoride  poisoning, drink milk :-). I did, and the pain went away and I thought; I know me, I can feel my way out of this disease called alcohol addiction. And that is when I decided to quit on my own. For me that was a wise decision. Specifically now because I would not have found this fluoride again if I had gone into rehab. I am guessing what I experience now is the most important experience in my life so far. Wow. Happy that I quit.

The salt works on flexibility too. And just as I was thinking on how more flexible my feet were today and how I could continue to have this during my older age, this woman comes along with here kids in a bakfiets (that’s how the Dutch bring kids to school) and she says to them ‘You can do gymnastics at age 100 if you want.’. Exactly! Which could mean that I still do not have that extra layer to protect me from picking up thoughts or sending them. Hmmm :-/. No, no matter, this is clear and funny and thing is: it does not feel like it connects to my inside anymore, it is not a threat anymore. My body has become my own. Wow.

I did buy a ticket to the lottery, just to prove that I still need to work for stuff. Which in itself is a stupid notion. I realise now that I do not appreciate things that come without struggle. Expect everything to be difficult. I don not have to do that. I could practise on thinking I can receive things easily in stead of thinking that I have to work hard to wrestle my share from the gods. Ghegheghe. All these new notions in my head, it is amazing. I am high as a kite on happiness and all the posibilities that are just here now I am sober and looking for healing. Feeling my way back into life. I am there! Hello! I’m here! I’m happy!

I can feel soupleness surrounding me as a warm cloud. Gone is the cold rigidity I normally feel. My neck and shoulders feel so souple now. Wow. Wow and a little scary. That rigidity is good for not drinking. Hmmm. Ghegheghe, need to find another no. But the no I don’t drink because I am happy as I am is a possibility now. Need to watch how this unfolds. Don’t want to think about it now, though it would be very wise. Yes it is very wise to think about that now because my energetic wall against booze has just crumbled in the newly found souple aura. Gheghe. Nope, not going to go there now.

I am curious how this Calcium fluoratum works. They say that fluor from toothpaste blocks your pineal gland which is also called ‘the third eye’ where the intuïtion is seated. As I notice it does influence my intuition but not in a bad way now, it helps me to keep stuff out. That’s only good. Maybe this is connected differently. Don’t know. Wow, it feels like I have my own body back. If you would have asked ‘is your body yours?’ I would have answered ‘no’ but I did not conciously know that I did not feel it as mine.

I have worked with homeopathic medicine before. I believe they work as to transfer subtle  information on the how the good state of being is. They sort of tap on the aura or somewhere in the body and say “you need to pay attention to healing this, and the good picture looks like  this’. The more potentiated the homepathic stuff is, the more subtle the message, the more it speaks to the layers outside the body. These Schussler salts I use are not potentiated, so they are the real molecule of the stuff. I feel like they fix a missing supply in the body. I can imagine that after years of drinking and stress there is some stuff missing. 🙂 Well, happy that this has been put on my road. 🙂

What I want: for this effect to actually stay and for it to help me deal with that weird issue of being a radio without working buttons.

What I need: food, it’s dinnertime.

Have a nice evening! ❤

And of course a disclaimer: if you want to go using the Schussler cell salts for yourself, do so, but I’m not a doctor so don’t just go following what I did please.

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