Yeah! My sleeping pattern is changing, it is very, very tiny but the results are BIG!! Hope they will stay now.

When I first got sober my sleeping pattern changed a little, like from waking up 12 times a night to 5. The last few days I have only woken up once or twice during the night and in between I have really slept with REAL dreams with real and incomprehensible stories and symbolics and a basement filled with angry black cats (hmmm…. 😦 ) Well, I am loving it because FINALLY I too wake up while feeling fresh, or fresher than I went to bed. I never had much of a hangover when I drank because I already did the nutrients approach and drank ecological stuff and most possibly because my body was used to it.

Need to go do stuff. Have a good Saturday!


6 thoughts on “Sleeeeeeeeping

  1. After two years, I still cheer every night that I sleep without aids. The nightmares abate somewhat, but oh, how nice it is to have them! Dreams! I missed them and didn’t know it! Great to stay in touch. Stay strong.

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  2. I loved when my sleep got better! I too, woke up so much in the night, during my drinking days, to pee, or just plain restless (body and mind)….. I was always so exhausted in the daytime because of it. Uninterrupted sleep that rejuvenates, is bliss! Happy you are able to experience it now too!


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