Current free online summits

Starting Wednesday the 17th of February: Recovery 2.0 

Starting Monday the 22nd of February: Tapping World Summit 2016

Starting Monday 7th of March, (un?)wise guys and gals saying (un?)wise things:

In view of this last summit you might want to read this article from WakingTimes aswell. It is a more or less political take on two subjects but what I find most interesting in the question: should a spiritual teacher have a sober lifestyle yes or no? Be a popular spiritual star yes or no? Well, even Jesus 2000 years ago had to think about that. 🙂

Please note: these sites all have free subscription. The paid subscriptions allow you to view the content longer and in some cases give you extras like extra information.

Having said that: if nobody would pay there would be no income. Unfortunately I currently can not even consider contributing but I hope that I, by spreading the word, can add a little to their succes. Check it out. I am curious after all three of them. Let’s see how to manage online – offline time balance in February – March.


xx, Feeling

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