Further free online summits

Natural medicine (on leaky gut, yeast etc) started the 15th at http://naturalmedicinenowsummit.com/

Home grown food and medicine starts the 7th of March  at http://www.homegrownfoodsummit.com/

I am happy that I quit, eventhough…. I have had some tiny doubts about that and that is funny to see that I wrote about 3 posts not taking time to realise how happy I was that I quit and Tadaaaa! In walks the doubt. I even, in 17 months plus forgot to make my bed yesterday. Making my bed in the morning is when I well, make my bed and at the same time think of sobriety and how happy I am to be sober and to want and be energetically able to make my bed. Forgot it. That is strange. Not good. Need to refocus. Doing so at Recovery2point0.com e.g but I need to look inward as well. Not now, now is on the bike to work time.

Have a nice sober day!

xx, Feeling

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