A big biased poll on family, Christmas and alcohol

Where I come from Christmas is originally less celebrated than in English speaking countries. However, we do have something callled Christmas stress. Not a lot of people like to speak about it but hey, that’s me; always excited to explore the nasty stuff that is lurking in the dark!

So partially based on my own experience, partially based on the blogs I read the last few days I did a poll. No. Rephrase. I did a VERY BIASED poll on family and Christmas and alcohol. Care to join in? Well, do NOT let my questioning stop you from answering truthfully if you are in a peachy, warm and fuzzy place. You might have to make up some loving answers yourself but in most questions there is room to do so.

Sooooo, get in there now while your memory is still fresh. ENJOY!!!!

















Hope you enjoyed! And of course I hope the poll gives/gave/will give you and me some insight in the subject of the darker side of Christmas, family and alcohol. If you come back in a few days you can check out the results!

What does it take to start living?

I have quit drinking, I have no cravings but I still have the idea that I am somewhat ‘in repair’. But the fog is gone. Finally, that only went with quitting sugar for 100%. It is funny how I can know stuff and still not act upon it AND be surprised that if I do, it actually works. Do you recognise that? No, not in me, in you. I feel (? realise?) it is connected to the ‘doing the same stuff over and over again and expecting different results’. But that saying never hit home in me. I don’t understand it. Which makes me curious because that mainly means that I block something. :-D. I guess I’ll find out with the ‘Addictive thinking’ book.

Also gone are 5Kg, have not lost any extra in the last week but I am guessing that is because I eat more often in order to prevent my sugar from dropping. I am HOPING of course that it is because my fat is turning into muscles because of the excercise I do. (Drea-ea-ea-ea-eaeaeaeam, dream, dream, dream, dream, drea-ea-ea-ea-eaeaeaeam).

Another physical change: the whites of my eyes have gone white in stead of yellowish white with red. I still have a little red but that comes from dry eyes. And my A4 paper shakiness test is good now 🙂 Yeah!! The red colour of my hands has gone as well, the tops of my fingers are still a little red.

My breasts have dropped half a size and 3cm and they have gone soft now, it is not the bloated right in your face I’ll shoot you if you say something I don’t like kind of war gear anymore. But that is good, and ok at my age. My face, neck and decoltage are not bloated anymore. I really like that, like I’m coming back to life from behind the fog. Everything more defined, more clear. 🙂 That’s what I want. To become clear.

And now I need to start doing stuff.

NB: Have you filled in the poll on hangovers in my former post? Please do! It is anonymous btw.

Little poll on hangovers

Hi Readers,

A post on Hangover free life got me thinking on hangovers. I had very little because I added supplements to my diet in order to keep my body in tact. Yes, don’t ask. Or do….

I am wondering if that kept me drinking but I can’t go back in time. So I was wondering how this worked for other people and I pushed this new button up here and it is called ‘Poll’. Not sure how it works yet but we shall see.

Please feel free to add answers to the poll if your choice is not in here. And please get your friends in here to push some buttons as well so we can maybe get an idea of the function of hangovers – do they help you quit or only make you miserable?


Fill in multiple answers if you like: