Post, on a few things… on life after

From the Recovery 2.0 conference from an interview with Dr. George Munoz – medical anthropologist / shaman.

The shaman will speak to the Western person, the Western persons BRAIN. But the spirit, the heart and the soul don’t need talking to. Energy doesn’t need talking to. It’s the mind. So, we have a paradigm in the West where we have to address the mind which is not, many times, in alignment with the spirit or energy. In fact, that malalignment is part of the disease.


The story does not matter, the work is the work, we all have to get to the work, one way or the other.

Happy with that. 🙂 Tommy Rosen said something like, somebody told him ‘You have this disease of addiction and the remedy is the spiritual work of the 12 steps.’ I disagree there with him. I think it is that we have an affliction that can be called ‘the hole in the soul’ and that we chose an addiction to make it go away. But spiritual work, like karma shit, until you fix it it keeps on coming back. That counts for everybody, no matter what nest you come from or what path you chose. So indeed, the story does not matter, the work is the work, we all have to get to the work, one way or the other. Ooh, by the way, if you were in doubt: choosing addiction to finally get there is NOT the smartest nor the easiest way. 😀

I am happy that I quit. Went to see the store man today, had another beautiful talk with him and his new store man. I am very happy to be rid of this affection, mixing up Friend and Path and Goal. Pffff, I’m too old for that.

I need: to sort out my stuff and find a job.

I want: to hide. And I am thinking of changing my name because I think intention shows in a name and I am by now thinking that my intention ‘feeling my way back into life’ is keeping me feeling my way back. Like putting all the energy in the journey. I need to be arriving somewhere too. That does not seem included. Or, possibly: I don’t see it because it has never been included in my life…

I take: very little, went to see the wise women yesterday. She used to teach in Schuessler salts amongst others and she gave me her study material :-). I think I want to go back to teaching, I have been reading several Tarot cards on my abilities and teaching comes back and back and… you guessed it, it comes back. The most important thing is, and that has never happened before: I am starting to feel content with that. Ever since I was 6 years old I played ‘school’. Yes! that was horrible for my brother! And he did not participate anymore after 2 times. No bargening like ‘I’ll play war with you and the Playmobil and the Lego if you play school with me?’ would ever get him there. So I kidnapped the neighbours kid, he was 3 or 4. He had to sit and listen and do calculations. He wasn’t very good at it. :-D. Well, I guess I will need to change that last part of the concept. Kidnapping is not very marketable I would say, but… I am finding peace in this and that is good. This Sema ceremony of whirling dervishes sprang to mind. More info.

And if I were to change directions slowly in the coming years to the subject of nutrition and teaching I would be doing….. exactly what my mother used to do.  That is strange. Need to look into that because it feels funny. Like I am not doing what I should be doing because she did it. Whatever, not now. Now I need to do other stuff.

I am happy that I quit. I Hope you are happy that you quit too. 🙂