A big biased poll on family, Christmas and alcohol

Where I come from Christmas is originally less celebrated than in English speaking countries. However, we do have something callled Christmas stress. Not a lot of people like to speak about it but hey, that’s me; always excited to explore the nasty stuff that is lurking in the dark!

So partially based on my own experience, partially based on the blogs I read the last few days I did a poll. No. Rephrase. I did a VERY BIASED poll on family and Christmas and alcohol. Care to join in? Well, do NOT let my questioning stop you from answering truthfully if you are in a peachy, warm and fuzzy place. You might have to make up some loving answers yourself but in most questions there is room to do so.

Sooooo, get in there now while your memory is still fresh. ENJOY!!!!

















Hope you enjoyed! And of course I hope the poll gives/gave/will give you and me some insight in the subject of the darker side of Christmas, family and alcohol. If you come back in a few days you can check out the results!