Free online summit on Self-acceptance / dealing with the inner critic


I ‘spammed’ this in here before but I want to mention that the free online summit on self-acceptance has started today.

Self acceptance leads to less projections and less critical behaviour towards others (hence my interest :-/, much to learn there) so… finally to a better world!

I am making some tea and let’s see what it brings. 🙂

I am happy that I quit. I am going through a very rough patch and it is tough. Life has not been so tough since before I quit drinking – so blègh. I did however realise that I have EVERYTHING in house to ‘fix’ me. To work things out. But my desire to do so leaves me.

At which moment I thought… stuff it all… I’m gonna do it my way. What can I do? I can not change myself now, but I know homeopathy can help me, so lets see where Google takes me. 1 Search and 3 clicks on a website took me to a vid of Mr Vithoulkas who has a vid on a certain homeopathic medicine which starts with “these people are not closed, they miss a layer”. Which are exactly the words I would use to describe myself. Not all of it fits – but I’m gonna go with it anyway.

Visiting the GP this week. Work issues combined with re-visiting memories of my youth have brought me to the edge of what I think I can bear. Let’s see what I got, it is time to work through this. This is exactly the point where I have stopped developing, as in ‘always stopped’. It sort of feels like ‘sink or swim’. :-/ Blègh.

I am happy that I quit. In a sort of obliged way. The thought of drinking has crossed my mind. I’m thinking there is a danger where I go over the top with thinking ‘I don’t want this life anymore’ and then stepping back into ‘ooh, if it is that bad, I might as well drink because that is a better ‘solution’. Trap number 457. Overdo the one feeling as to make it ok to drink because that is less bad. I do not physically feel like drinking, I do not have urges, it is ‘just’ that my mind is setting traps which, if I were to follow them, would lead me to a bad place.

Addiction is a spiritual misunderstanding of life, at first drinking was a survival technique but ha, as with every shortcut, it started to work against me. That wish for a short-cut is still there. I somehow ‘feel entitled’ to because I have this weird, disfunctional, emotionally handicapped personality. Ha. Well, yeah, poor me. 😦 Hello underdog :-). Self-acceptance. Try it in a sentence today! 😀

Hope you are having a nice, sober day!

xx, Feeling

3 thoughts on “Free online summit on Self-acceptance / dealing with the inner critic

  1. There is a very interesting lead article in this month’s Nat Geo and how it turns off those brain cells that inhibit unhealthy behaviour. You’ll find it in a Google search. Thanks for the link to the free summit. Stay strong we are one of many 🌷

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    • Hey Jerry,
      Welcome to this blog :-).
      Aah, an off-switch for unhealthy behaviour! I need that. 🙂 Thanks for the tip,
      By the way, I think I can attribute (? is that the word?) part of my easy quitting process to doing a (free) online alcohol desensitization test. It is sort of a game. See a drink, press the right button. But the silly thing is: after doing that for a while the brain is more focussed on the button than on the drink. Works in real life too. 🙂
      xx, Feeling

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  2. Hi Feeling!
    I am sorry you are going through a rough patch.
    “Addiction is a spiritual misunderstanding of life.”
    I love this!
    The short cut of drinking kept me from seeing the long way around.
    It’s better the long way!

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