And… sleep is important

So, sleep is good. I woke up to another day and life is just life again. πŸ™‚

Sigh, I really, really need to learn to put these things in perspective. Well, I am learning. How do other people do that? Guess you have a significant other who sends you to bed? I should have gone to bed yesterday way earlier but adrenaline was still running too high.

I think I can learn that I forget to do what a woman who loves herself does when I am over the top stressed out. And I get over the top stressed out because I do not do what a womand who loves herself would do. One day I’ll read back the posts here and possibly discover a pattern. πŸ™‚ I think it is somehow related to taking feedback negatively and giving up the right to care for me.

I am HAPPY that I quit. I have not written about that yesterday. That is not good. So here it is: I am happy that I quit. I could never have done what I (we) accomplished without having quit.

And, inbetween the above and this paragraph I called my admin guy. Tax 2016 is not finished yet but delayed so that is ok. If I had not quit drinking I would not have called on the first day I could energetically handle that. It would take me weeks of hiding and feeling stupid and now I just did that. I think I deserve a pair of sneakers. πŸ™‚

And I would not recover as quickly from this shitload of work as I do now. Sleep a night and there I am again. I did wake up with a fright because it was light and that would mean I am late for work so not totally relaxed here but it is coming. Rang all my housemom friends this morning. Was good to catch up.

So, I am happy that I quit, be it in a sort of obligitary happy way. I do not have the immense gratefulness anymore that I used to have.Β  Do you still have that?

I ordered sneakers because I do not have any anymore. And now trying to order a jeans because by now all my jeans have holes. New one is nice. πŸ™‚

Wishing you a good day / evening!

xx, Feeling

4 thoughts on “And… sleep is important

  1. Wow! I love this post. I was having some really rough days not long ago and then I got a night of sleep and everything felt beautiful the next day…lol…
    I was like, “Duh, get some sleep, girl!” Sleep is one of those natural healing remedies that we forget to take…


  2. You sounds so much more upbeat.
    My significant other does try to send me to be when I am like that. I also try hard to see the warning signs, and to response with food and water! Because that’s often my issue.

    And then I know there is nothing a nice Epsom salt bath can’t help. It’s my go to.

    Online is the best way to order. Get yourself some jeans!! You deserve them!

    Happy to day is better for you my friend!


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  3. I am very glad you got sleep.
    I hope you can have some fun with some friends, soon!
    That seems to help me a lot.
    New jeans, are the best thing to get!
    I love how you can see the way things were when you were drinking versus how you handle things now…ie taxes guy.
    Have a good day, Feeling!

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