Living and being ok with being honest

I got myself through the probation time and had the tax audit. Both worked out fine. And in both I have been nothing less than absolutely honest. I think this is one of the nicest things of sobriety: not to have to lie anymore. The realisation that I am, for me, enough. Enough. Good. Entitled to be me as I am. Not setting my goals so high and wide that I have to be ‘not me’ to reach them.

Half way through my probation time I found out that I did actually not have a probation time because my boss had made a mistake in the contract. This was strange. Felt weird. I could not fit it in my mind so I decided to continue to think I had a probation time. That worked better.

I notice that my emotions still run high and wild, guess that’s part of the deal of being me. However there is this thought that someday I will be ok again. I have gone through 1,5 years of for me, unusual scarcity and financial trouble – which actually meant nothing more than paying the rent late, eating less meat, not going out for dinner, not buying cloths or going on a holiday for 3 years. That is not bad in comparison to most of the world. πŸ™‚ I worked my way through and I guess I worked my way out. I am back at the education level which I should be working and doing ok.

My perfectionism and criticism are traits I need for this job but not in the quantity that they are supplied within so I have to deal with that too, otherwise I irritate my colleagues and loose respect. Also I need to learn to set boundaries, I do not have enough time to pick up other peoples slack. But my main focus is on keeping healthy and keeping my brain functioning without experiencing information overload. It requires that I go to bed on time and sleep well, so good sleeping habits are still on the agenda. Also it requires that I stop thinking about work after working hours. That is not going so well. Loads of tiny details I know I will otherwise forget. I do not have the right tools in place yet to not forget, apart from a to do list which only keeps growing.

I spoke about this with the external consultant. He noticed my love for perfection too and tells me I have no time for that. I asked him to help me if he thought I was going over the top on things. Perfectionism: if I am perfect they will love me. πŸ™‚

Oh, my boss wife enquired after my sexual orientation today. I asked her why she would ask and what gave her the idea that it was not plain obvious. That was a question. She said that I had not proclaimed myself. I asked why I should have saying that I can scan the orientation from people without asking (that is mostly true, not always). And in the whole conversation which lasted 3 minutes I did not, other than that, reply to her question. It is strange, I felt I could not. I have no answer to this question. I like men for the ‘hunt’ but women are better in bed. I like women better as persons but energetically I find women not so exciting. I guess now I don’t have to pay back the tax money I can spend some money on the Ayurvedic doctor to get my yin and yang sorted out. It is strange to be 47 and still not know which way the wind blows. I do not feel I need to be honest about that. I do not lie either.

The questions also scared me; “Holy shit here we go again!” The experiences with my former boss still linger and at these questions immediately popped up as unresolved issues. Guess I left there too late after all. πŸ™‚ / 😦 I don’t want to have to tell anybody I do not know shit about how it works within.

Funny thing is: I feel a lot better if, within myself, I let my orientation be undecided. Ghegheghe, it gives rest. The rest of not having to hunt or be something to be appreciated, behave some way to be liked. I feel much more balanced if I do not let my sex drive determine me. It is odd, like everything inside is out of balance, like I am standing on a see-saw that also rotates around the center, and then without the see-saw. But I guess I am currently more comfortable there. It might sound funny but this seems to be a spiritual ‘choice/process’ rather than a sexual one. Something keeps on saying: ‘humanity first’. I am learning to not label people by gender. Which, as I see now, I did thoroughly. Guess this is good. πŸ™‚ I could also be experiencing the first signs of the getting older. πŸ™‚ Dunno, we shall see.

I am happy that I quit. Not overly grateful, just happy in an obliged happy way because I am pretty sure I would not be alive right now. Mandatory happy. Need to work out what is keeping me from being really really happy. But now it is bed time.

Wishing you a nice day / evening.

xx, Feeling


10 thoughts on “Living and being ok with being honest

  1. When I returned to AA last May after a 30 year hiatus I heard one young lady claim “honesty” as her “higher power.” I really latched on to that. I think of it now more as my “higher (meaning sober) self.”
    As an aside, I learned years ago, and have subsequently reinforced with my children, that when someone asks you an uncomfortable question it may be best to respond with:
    “Why do you ask?”
    I love that it throws the discomfort back to the questioner, for most times they have no reason. Continued good luck, happiness and honesty on your journey to freedom! Dottie Boise, ID

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    • Hi Dottie,
      What a good response that is! Throwing the discomfort back. I like it. πŸ˜€
      And yes to honesty and the connection to higher self. I think people can not be connected to their higher self if they lie to themselves and others. General spiritual rule I think.
      Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting. πŸ™‚
      xx, Feeling


  2. You do sound good here.
    Much more contented and calm.
    I am so happy everything is working out for you!
    I understand about overjoyed about having to be sober. I have some days I am really happy, and other days, just okay about it.
    (I do not think the boss’s wife should have asked that, but you handled it nicely.)

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  3. I agree with IQW she had no business asking you that question, what does it matter? It doesnt effect how well you do your job! You don’t have to decide or explain anything feeling. Women are much more fluid on the sexual spectrum than men anyway. xxx

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  4. Happy to read your words, and to know you are doing well. …. And I agree with everyone else regarding the woman’s question – rude and inappropriate. You handled it well, and I’m glad you didn’t give her an answer. That is your business! -HM.

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