This Week’s Recovery 2.0 Video — Nikki Myers on Codependency

Well, that what is in the header and the invite to the February Recovery 2.0 programm. Enjoy!

Source: This Week’s Recovery 2.0 Video — Nikki Myers on Codependency


I am happy that I quit. 🙂 Doing what a woman who loves herself does, a lot of the time. 🙂 Not all of the time yet, but slowly getting there.

The job did not happen, the other candidate was more versatile and had some extra papers I don’t. But if that were not so, they would have chosen me – so they say. I had a premonition of this, obviously I am never sure if that is a verbed fear or a real premonition. 🙂 But I am VERY happy to have done this because the preparation and, well the whole process of applying for the job has been a good experience. I connected back with my competence and that = good.

I’m off for another day at ‘the office’. Wish me luck, my boss is really after me since I asked for a copy of my contract (which she should have given 3 months ago!) and she’s hovering over me ALL the time. Having found back my competence seems to have set her off. She is constantly making sex jokes, like that I run a adult webcame thing at night, or that I am in love with one of the guys, that he is in love with me and blaaahdiblaahdiblaahdiblaaah. That I flirt with the guys. I don’t. There is not a cell, not a thought, not an intention going awry. It is totally in her mind. 😦 Hard to ‘fight’ and, with the webcame thing, hard to ignore or ‘let go’. 😦 I’m think I’m going to say something about it when it happens again.

Have a good weekend!

xx, Feeling

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Recovery 2.0 Video — Nikki Myers on Codependency

  1. It sounds like going through the interview process is a good learning and confidence building experience for you. Just take your lessons and move on to the next one. As for your boss, she sounds like a real tool. I’m sorry you have to go through that…I guess a WWLH will keep searching for a job where she doesn’t have to put up with that crap!

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    • I try remembering that, but time and time again I get cought up in the proces. I hear myself whining ‘It is not fair…, I work so hard, I should be hailed, not told off…’ blahdibladiblah. Well, if that is in the way it is The Way. Pulling myself out of odd and angry moods and returning to zero and trying not to be caught in prejudice has become daily practise. 😀 Ghegheghe… a friend of mine said she would not want to deal with what I’m dealing with but I replied: eventhough it is at times very hard, I think this is for me the best practise I can imagine. 🙂
      And now I think it is time to finish things again and expand a little more otherwise I get caught up in this.
      Let us see. Not sure yet what way to go but I guess it will come when I start. 🙂
      Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.
      xx, Feeling


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