Codes… the distance they create

Reblogging this beautiful post from my new found online sober friend Surviving and Thriving.

Have a read if you will.

xx, Feeling


“Hey bro, don’t worry about what you did, WE all make mistakes sometimes, WE love you anyways.”

“You know, I’m real sorry about WHAT HAPPENED the other day, sometimes life can get real confusing, and PEOPLE make mistakes and do stupid shit.”

I do this all the time.

“Hi, I would like to join THIS program, what do you think?”, “which program?”, “THIS program.” “WHOSE program?, why can’t you ask me straight?” “fine, can I join YOUR program?”, “why can’t you ask me if you can join ME, because if you do join the program it will be in order to join me and grow from that.”

This was a conversation I had with the dean of the school I joined once.

I answered him, still thinking that I know better than him or anyone for that matter, “because most people would think that an inappropriate thing to say, and…

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