Selfportraits on drugs

Pearls from the interweb. This man got hight on 52 different drugs and drew these self portraits.

This is alcohol:

 photo alcohol_2.jpg

Cough medicine:

 photo coughsyrup.jpg

I had hoped his DMT version was nicer:

 photo dmt.jpg

Find your (ex) favorite substance here:

Ooh…. I’m happy that I quit. Damn!


6 thoughts on “Selfportraits on drugs

  1. Wow! I know some of my most artistic moment were when I was taking drugs ( or so I thought ) it’s a really interesting concept. I would like to know if that was what he was seeing/feeling or how he thought he should be seeing/feeling – a subtle difference I think. Thanks for sharing the link 😀

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  2. When I was drinking and using I was COMPLETELY delusional and convinced myself that I produced my best work while intoxicated. I once handed in a paper with a diagram I drew in place of the thesis statement + would frequently stumble around drunk taking pictures. Unfortunately that paper was handed back to me covered with a giant red question mark + the pics were always out of focus…

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