26 thoughts on “9 Months sober

    • Yes, 9 months, I have not ever been without alcohol for so long in my life. A few years back I made it to 4 or max 6 six months but I never put up a blog so it was not a thing thing, it was just something I did. Blogging has made me more aware of the funny way addiction works. I had a very good day, happy that I did a test version. 🙂 Not sure how to continue, it needs some tweaking and with the tweaks is becomes a little too expensive I fear. But I might need to see how it looks tomorrow, when I’m not nackered :-).
      xx, Feeling

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  1. Congrats!! Thinking of my life @ 9 months clean/sober: I hope you’ve found yourself in a calmer and much more happy place. You can be sure that it will get more manageable and you continue practicing these new responses and behaviors.

    Reality ain’t so bad, is it? 🙂

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      • I believe that I saw for the first time that drinking wasn’t my problem. I really thought things would all be better at 9 months (1 or 2 months for that matter) so when I reached the 9 month mark I felt close to 1 year, but I didn’t feel all the good stuff inside that people talk about. I felt, truly, worse than ever. I remember thinking, at that point, that something had to change if I was to continue staying sober. Otherwise, I wasn’t seeing the payoff. I was still in a lot of pain and didn’t understand why. Suffice to say I got the support I needed. I wouldn’t change my decision for ANYTHING. Thanks for asking. You’ve brought back some good memories. (I’ve been sober since March ’04. Shocking even to type it here.) 🙂

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      • That must have been difficult to feel worse instead of better. Hmmm, I am still thinking I had it easy, there still is a lot of turmoil but I feel way better than I did last year this time. I just went to a place with friends where we were a year ago. I was crying then over feeling so absolutely desperate and depressed.
        Congrats on your 11 years. 🙂 I wonder if, in 10 years 3 months I will think back of this post. Maybe I’ll look it up 🙂
        xx, Feeling

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  2. Dear Feeling,
    Way to go!! 9 months is huge!!
    I am at 8.8 months, so I am following you!!!
    I am sorry, I haven’t been able to connect to the internet, so I just got your post now.
    (PS- I think you will have to sign up to my blog by e-mail. You don’t have to, but if you want to.

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    • Hi Wendy,
      I still don’t understand about the blog. I’m going to read on your page and then check my blogline to see what happens/happened.

      8,8 Months! Cool, good on you. 🙂 Have you been thinking of a 9 months sober present? I actually ‘only’ (?) made sushi and got myself a piece of expensive cheese and a bag of chips. So those 2 kilo’s I lost…. I guess the are back on. But I’ll try again. I’ld love to lose the kilo’s but they do not seem to want to come off, something in my mindset is not ok yet. 🙂 No hurry, I just started the no sugar. We will see. 🙂
      xx, Feeling


      • Oh, I have not thought of a present, but that is a good idea!
        I ate a ton of junk this holiday weekend and so, today is a new day for me, too.
        It was our Memorial Day.
        Have a good sleep or good day!
        As I never quite get what time it is for you when I am awake.
        I think you are about 9 hours different.

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