How to reverse a fatty liver and applying for a job

Here’s a vid from one of my favorite nutrition people on the net: Eric Berg. It’s on healing fatty livers. Not saying you have one ;-), just in case.

I’m not a doctor or anything so I can’t judge what he says but to me he makes sense.

I have made a tiny Plan for these days. Hoping to get me back on track and earning money. I have asked two girlfriends to ‘monitor’ me and they also support me with nice things and advice. How cool. 🙂 So I just send out a new letter of application. Exciting!

I am happy that I quit – be it that I have some difficulty with accepting that I can’t drink anymore. Yes, where other people have that at the beginning, I have that now. I suddenly get this ‘party pooper complex’. Must have to do with Queensday (well Kingsday since last year). And I figured that with getting fired and my blood pressure up I felt like I had not made a lot of progress in these last 7 something months. So…. plan is to make progress otherwise I endanger my sobriety. So. PROGRESS it is. Going nicely. I enquired after a post that has been open for more than 2 months now and it is a maternity cover so…. I gues there’s some haste? They stressed me to please apply which is always good :-). Hope I can meet their high demands. Had to update my CV to English again. So that’s what I did today and yesterday.

I fear: that I’m not seeing reality and that money runs out quicker than I can handle. However staying in that fear only suffocates me. Not sure how to deal. Really, really looking at it and saying: these are the bills I need to pay and this is what I have – how long will it last is not an option yet. Although I just came up with this idea so there must be something of an opening there. It requires tapping and Bach and possibly external help and chocolate, maybe even sushi to get me there. Not doing that because I am an ostrich.

I want: things to be easy, and if not, they must at least be fun.

I need: to get a grip and walk the tight rope when it comes to stimulating me to do stuff and on the other hand not berate and punish myself. Actually I when translating my CV I’m get very excited about the things I know and have done. So that is good. 🙂

I take: Schuesler salts on high blood pressure. beginning to notice that some of my lovely herb teas make my blood pressure rise too. That’s frustrating, what is left but water if you don’t want caffeine, sugar or alcohol or OD on milk.

I’m going out for my daily hour of walking. Hope you have a nice day / evening.

xx, Feeling

9 thoughts on “How to reverse a fatty liver and applying for a job

    • So how do you do that? Is it something you sit down for to imagine the good things, or is it more like being aware of not thinking the negative things?
      🙂 He’s good. I really like his approach: eat healthy for your specific gland/bodytype, get healthy and your weight will stabelize without difficulty. Give it time 🙂 I’m thinking, hoping he’s right.


  1. Hi Feeling,
    I am glad you found another possible job!
    I think having good friends to support you is a wonderful thing.
    I hope you had a wonderful walk!

    Liked by 1 person

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