Work in progress

I just found this photo on Facebook. It’s marvellous. I keep on walking this path where I want stuff but don’t do it, don’t go for it because I don’t really believe I can. So a quotosophical message for the Saturday evening.

luke yoda believe failI found the below one last week, can’t imagine how it has escaped me for so long. It actually did give me the last push to quit the chocolate. I believe I’m 5 days sugar-free now and my head feels clearer, fog is lifting. Good šŸ™‚ And because the fog is lifting I feel obliged to continue to not use sugar because I need to be responsible in my new job. Let’s see how I fare with that. By now I need to make sure that I do not repeat the disaster night from months earlier where I was sugar free for long and then ate loads. I will not repeat that but I still can not make promises on changes in behaviour. Does anybody have any thoughts on that?

a year from now

I’m happy that I quit. Proud of it too.

I want: to sleep and work out what my calling is in life, still afloat.

I need: to sleep and work out what my calling is in life because not working that out seems to stand between me and a whole lot of things which need to be done. I just don’t want to fail at a project again I guess. Can’t compare doing a project sober to doing it on booze but still. Negativity keeping me from doing what I want. Still. Maybe I should add that one: what is keeping me from doing what I want. See what happens.

What is keeping from doing what I want:

Project 30 days: fear of being found out, fear of not being taken seriously by the business partners I would like to speak with.

Project balance: fear that I will not succeed, fear that I will be found stupid and preposterous.

Project health: dunno, hmmm, that’s funny, nothing apparently holds me back but I still don’t do it.

Cleaning and deep cleaning: dunno, feelings of dislike, dislike of cleaning and dislike of me not liking cleaning. I DO like it, when I’ve started. Aah, another one pops up:

tired of giving upIf I would have just continued to do the daily stuff I was doing it would not have been such a mess currently. :-/

This is very, very, very informative. Funny that I can have so many fears which determine my life without really realising them. The names of the projects have meaning to me but I don’t really want to get into spelling them out. Hmmm, bedtime.

And while I’m at it, here’s some tough quoteism from the net as well. Still, I want to get there when it comes to filling in my life.

interest or commitmentSo maybe, I should take heed of the sign that was next to it:

waiting for a sign

Yes. Tomorrow I start 1 project. Ghegheghe, alarm bells going off in my head. That’s interesting. Let’s see. Bedtime now. One of these Schuesller cell salts is on getting a normal sleep rhythm so I start thinking of bed whenever the sun goes down and starting of getting up when it comes up. NEW! šŸ™‚ But good because I (think I am)Ā  a very early morning person and I have been denying my body that for most of my life.

I take: I did not take anything today because I could not be bothered opening all those 12 pots.

Have a nice evening, night, morning, day!

xx, Feeling.

6 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Love Yoda! and i think thats all you need…belief, freedom from your mind…go with the force. Gee he was onto something that Yoda! thanks for your post and good luck with your new project! x

    Liked by 1 person

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