Tracing meridians for energy and health

I’ve done this and it feels great. Donna Eden shows how to trace the meridians (energy paths) in the body in order to feel energized. She is one of the speakers on the tapping conference on day 6 or 7, she’s still on now in my timezone. She is in the blue room, scroll down from the red and green room.

I have a new hypotheses: follow the happy people and see where it brings me.

I am happy that I quit, that still works, so that’s good. Had tiny urges last Friday after having done some very dusty and physical construction (well demolition) work at a friends and biking home in the spring sun suddenly made me ache for a beer. Guessing that is how I ‘learned’ to drink: work hard with my parents constructing a new house and drink beer after. Also the energy of nature awakening and the general feeling of ‘spring’ in the air to me is a little unsettling, getting in high spirits that I would usually let go of by drinking a lot, possibly in combination with taking a guy home from a pub. So…. that was informative. I guess I’ll need to keep an eye on that high spirits aspect in the coming weeks/months. Use if for something. Like spring cleaning šŸ™‚ or sports :-).

I want: tot get organised but I still do not want to take that last step where I decide. Maybe, maybe I should take it easy on me and just do a little thing like not

I need: to get organised, and I feel I’m almost ready to accept that. I’m getting frustrated with how little I do in a day, even though I now wake up at 7:00 in the morning.

I want to: get organised but I still do not want to put the effort in. Just waiting for that rock-bottom? Learned a lot from Brad (?) on the procrastinating tapping interview. Where he tells (very free ‘quotes’) ‘While procrastinating we actually think that we take good care of ourselves – that is why and how we hang onto it.’ ‘If we procrastinate seriously we wait for rock-bottom to actually finally take action we are inspired by misery and somehow only think that doing stuff must be miserable’. These insights were (are?) very valuable to me. And now I come to think of it: procrastinating is one of my biggest ‘black holes’. I am so in denial that I do not even look for answers, I might listen if/when they happen to be on my path but otherwise? I can look up 10.001 things on the net, read books but never about this. Very uncomfortable with it. I feel as if I have ‘done so much already’ with quitting drinking.

I take: yeah, well, something funny here, I take Magnesium salt for (against…) a tiny muscle that tics above my eyelid but it is not going away and another effect that should be going away ‘being hungry after a meal’ has suddenly developed. It is strange. And expensive. And fattening :-D. Need to look up how this works. In Bach remedies or homeopathic medicine it can sometimes happen that at first things get worse. That means that the remedy is correct but the dose or strength is not. Hmmm, need to feel into that. Nah, don’t feel like it. šŸ˜€

I hope you have a nice day/evening/morning. šŸ™‚

xx, Feeling

4 thoughts on “Tracing meridians for energy and health

  1. Dear Feeling,
    As a fellow procrastinator, I find myself googling procrastination instead of doing something.
    I did clean today, but then I feel guilty I didn’t clean thorough enough!
    Good Grief!
    I’ll just be happy there are dust bunnies I can see!

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    • Dust bunnies! Had to google that. How cute :-).
      Googling procrastinating. šŸ™‚ Ghegheghe. You’ve got it for sure! šŸ˜€ I’m going to bed at decent times now. That is a start I can manage. šŸ™‚ And taking seeweed every 3rd day or so because I think I lacked Iodine because I don’t use Iodine-ed salt or eat bread. That sort of gives the body the same enthousiasm as an engine without a spark-plug. šŸ˜¦ But it is way better now, I do start on time for the nice things. šŸ™‚
      Have a good night, Feeling

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  2. We are going into Autumn! Perhaps you could imagine you’re in Australia and pretend it’s actually Autumn, which is a lovely time for cups of tea. It’s still hot during the days but the nights and mornings are cooling down a bit. So I’m sending you Autumn love!

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