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Hi all,

For those who are not into the tapping conference, and for me and my log I’ve put up a little list here. Starting with a general video on how tapping works from the Ortner brother and sister. (Thanks to Mallards for finding this πŸ™‚ )

And I’ve written out a tapping script from the talk on pain on the tapping conference, it is from Nick Ortner. From what I have learned so far I think it is important to write your own script with the things that pop up while you are tapping because otherwise you don’t get to the deeper levels. The Ortner family tends to start of with tapping on feeling overwhelmed because they have the experience that is how it is.

Not sure if I’m allowed to put it in print here. If not, please let me know and I’ll take it down.

Tune into a situation, a memory: where were you when it happened? Do you remember the day? Do you remember the place, the room? What did it look like? Do you remember the season, the day maybe? The time? Do you remember how you got there? What the weather was like? Do you remember what you were wearing? Were you alone or where there other people with you? What was said? What happened? How did you feel?

Tune into the feeling. The stress, the anxiety, how overwhelmed you feel.

I feel so ____________ And just feel how true that feels on a 0 to 10 scale. Notice that number, notice how that feels in your body. Also make a note, the pain that you are working on, where is it now on a 0 to 10 scale in your body? If there are multiple places where you feel pain or stress


Even though I am feeling overwhelmed and there is so much to do. I deeply and completely accept myself now. Even though I feel so overwhelmed about this _________ I love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though I am so frustrated, overwhelmed and ______ about this ___________ I am tired of it, I have had enough and I love, accept and forgive myself.

Side of hand
All of this overwhelm Eyebrow
This anxiety Side of the eye
This stress in my body Under the eye
I am so frustrated with this__________ Under the nose
And I feel so overwhelmed Under the mouth
It is hard to even think about it Collarbone
I have thought about it so much Under the arm
And I am sick and tired of it Top of the head
All of the stress around this __________ Eyebrow
All these thoughts Side of the eye
All his confusion Under the eye
Around this _________ Under the nose
It is safe to feel these feelings Under the mouth
I acknowledge the stress Collarbone
I acknowledge this frustration Under the arm
I acknowledge all these feelings Top of the head
And I feel safe in my body Eyebrow
Acknowledging this overwhelm Side of the eye
This frustration Under the eye
And choosing to let it go Under the nose
What if I could let it go? Under the mouth
What if I can release these feelings? Collarbone
Just a little bit? Under the arm
What if I could relax? Top of the head
Thinking about this ________ Eyebrow
Releasing all these feelings. Side of the eye
Feeling safe in my body Under the eye
Knowing that I am safe Under the nose
Even if I am (in pain / experiencing _____) Under the mouth
Feeling safe and grounded Collarbone
In every cell of my body Under the arm
Right now Top of the head
Deep breath in.

If you google on ‘Tapping scripts’ you can find more scripts. Like this one from Jessica on Weight Loss. I guess it is wise to remember that this technique only works when you speak your own truth when doing the ‘negative’ and ‘complaining’ part. As Nick says in the above video from 16:20 minutes onwards. In the conference of this year he quoted Louise Hay, queen of positive thinking, who says something like: ‘You’ve got to see the rubbish before you can clean it out.’ How very true. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Tapping script

  1. Thank you so much for writing the script down- i love that. Before watching the video i wondered why the script did start out with the negative emotions and talking abouy them so much, “this resentment is keeping me safe…”. But now i like and get the rationale: we are acknowledging our feelings whatever they are and then moving toward letting the negative go. I love it and it works- cant wait to practice more!!! Thank you for this!!! Xo

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    • Enjoy! And… I am very curious to hear what your thoughts are on ‘covering’ stuff up. I ‘worry’ / ‘think about’ the idea that we can uncharge thought, but maybe, maybe the ‘trauma’s’ will be looking for another way out. Which is why I start with ‘simple’ stuff. Or, it that my paranoia playing up?
      xx, Feeling

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  2. I think that our traumas will always be there, but if we can focus on the feelings that arise from the traumas as something we work through during tapping, then it may not feel like covering them up – but being able to live with more positive thoughts in the end. And letting go of some destructive thought pattetns that may be causing us more pain.
    I think i understand what youre saying. I dont think i would be attracted to a therapy that covers up anything bc i dont think that helps people. Really interesting question, youve got me thinking. Hmmmmm- ill practice more and think about this- bc it does seem the tapping kinda shuts down the thoughts for a bit- like meditation. But may not be good if one ia trying to work through a past trauma. Hmmmm, you have me thinking…

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    • I think I can phrase it now: feeling how it works I can imagine that this technique can take the stress off a trauma but not ‘solve’ or transform the actual issue. I am wondering, and possibly I should not do that in public because it is not very chique, but when I look at Jessica Ortner in the video’s: at first she gives an impression that she is absolutely stress free and succesful but every, well, don’t know exactly, but every 30 minutes you can see insecurity and immense fear flash over her face. Her nostrils are tense and pointing outwards – I don’t think that is ‘just her face’ to me it looks like terrifying fear. Which, well, I don’t know if it is all true, just observations, maybe projecting, but well, I do think it is true even with all the disclaimers I can write down, and that makes me wonder about the technique. She looks like she is caught in fear she does not know how to express (anymore). So, I don’t know, if I’m wrong, I’m, well, I guess, I’m wrong. For me it means that I will continue to research a little further. And carefully use is on surface issues. Yes, literally, let’s start with cleaning! πŸ˜€

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  3. I must admit, I wondered about starting with what seems like a lot of negativity. But having thought about it, its good to acknowledge the feeling first, no matter how misguided your thinking might be. That’s also what appealed to me about the What You Think of Me Is None of My Business book, it does give a sense that we need to accept how we currently feel, then we can consciously decide to do something about it – we can choose new thoughts.
    I just listened to most of the perfectionism interview and whilst I have no idea where I could possibly have picked it up, it sounds exactly like me! I need to get tapping!

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