Am I the only one crying with the tapping?

Listening to Jessica Ortner, explaining tapping and how it could be beneficial for weight loss. I actually substituted ‘weight loss’ for ‘admin’ and did the sequence with them. But same as in Nick Ortners talk, I start crying somewhere halfway the sequence. Pfffff…… what a lot of stress to actively realise. Do you start crying too?

It’s 5 minutes later now. I’m feeling different. Pretty new actually. The word ‘pristine’ springs to mind. Funny new feeling inside. And it looks like my skin all of a sudden feels 20 years younger. It is a remarkable day.

Love her ‘If it is not pleasurable, it is not sustainable’. Hurray! That’s where ‘Happy that I quit’ comes in. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, or for some of you, already today, the 25th is my 6 month sober anniversary! Yeah! Happy that I quit.

I am happy that I quit. Proud of my 6 months.

I want: to go to sleep but actually I also want to hear the rest of the tapping things and read a book and mail an interesting businessman/politician I met today in the store on why women don’t break through the glass ceiling. And well, more on how they could. It was so strange. I went to see the nutritionist friend, as always it was a wonderful meeting :-). After that I went to see the store man, we got to talk about life and pretty quickly all kinds of interesting people walked in and sat down at the tea table. The store man was speaking with customers so I started to make a set up for the website of my new still secret project. Or did I tell about that already? Well, on of the older man sitting next to me enquired after my notes and I explained my project. Funny enough he was working on a speech on the same subject but from an economical standpoint. How strange and coincidental is this? This store is so amazing. It has these ‘magical’ things happening. I guess I need to contact the politician, see if and how we can work together. (Hangover Free Life: this might be my soapbox! My soapbox! πŸ™‚ )

I need: to go to sleep and if I want to do more I need to plan better. Better plan coming up. Sleep now.

I take: magnesium and some salt for my throat because a cold keeps on wanting to come up. And chocolate. πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Am I the only one crying with the tapping?

  1. Haven’t got round to listening to any of the sessions yet feeling – but will definitely be tuning in on Friday for the addiction one. It’s good you are releasing all these emotions with your tears πŸ™‚ xx


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