Recovery 2.0 video’s now all online for FREE untill Monday 16th

For those that have missed the Recovery 2.0 video’s in which addiction specialist Tommy Rosen, author of the book ‘Recover 2.0’ (Good!) interviews other specialists and guru’s on their specific fields – they are still available for FREE until Monday.

Enjoy! 🙂

I did not watch all of them but I specifically liked day 1 and Rosy Kuhn from day 6. But I guess everybody has his/her specifics likes. 🙂

I am happy that I quit, woke up to another day today than yesterday. Not so much feeling hung over but in that weird time-space distortion I used to have after drinking (did not drink, just experimented with sugar. Pffff, don’t want to talk about it).

I want: to be healthy and not have diarrhea all day due to my clean eating pattern. Not sure if it is dirt coming out or chronic bowel infection or so that is normally stopped by the tons of muesli that I eat. Don’t know. I’m getting very frustrated over this.

I need: to get my head on right and make decisions. I’ve started a new project and have not set my egg-timer again to check if I am actually doing it. It runs every 5 minutes and even then I notice that I am distracted every 1 out of 4 times it rings. Blegh!

The hippo is laughing so I guess I’ll cut its head of and see who’s laughing then. :-/ And when I leave my frustration out of it and go to a space where I am good and the world is good it says: ‘Yes, this is how it is, this is what you need to learn again: to focus and this is how difficult it is for you and this is how you are doing.’ Pffff, can’t even get my hippo to give me a fake compliment. Ghegheghe… Well, I do not expect a compliment for just wiping my ass either. Sigh.

Working on a new project. It’s good. Not sure if it is going to lead somewhere. Tarot says it leads to Change. Haha. Which is actually EXACTLY what I want to reach but I was hoping for Fortune or so :-D.

4 thoughts on “Recovery 2.0 video’s now all online for FREE untill Monday 16th

  1. I love love love that conference and plan on spending a lot of tomorrow watching the rest of the speakers. Thank you for posting about it! (I hope you start to feel better! Maybe a trip to the dr. to check things out? I’m sure you are doing this- the clean eating seems so healthy I’m inspired to try a little). Have a great weekend!

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  2. oh I missed most of the recovery talks! I was off work last week too, but couldn’t seem to make myself sit down and watch them for some reason. Pfff!
    I hope your tummy troubles calm down soon 🙂

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