Imagine that you accept yourself and love yourself as you are. Imagine that you are good and complete as you are.

(Quote from the store man from last week, only sinking in now)

Trying to. It’s relaxing, gives inner space and place for thoughts that are useful and constructive. Thinking it is a better one than ‘don’t berate yourself’ because I would be berating myself for berating myself. So, learning by imagining the good position instead of thinking about what I don’t want. It’s like ‘happy that I quit’ – works better for me than: Ooooh shit I should not drink remember do not drink do not drink’

So YEAH I’m going to clean my house. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy that I quit because I am slowly learning how to deal with life and I guess I missed a few steps in the last 30 drinking years.

I want: still to escape the real learning experience and only do the ones that feel nice from the beginning. There’s an addict aspect that needs looking into in due time. Not too quickly because if it feels cornered it will freak out.

I need: to start again with living and realise that I live every day and every day can I make a difference. I can choose to clean or choose to Netflix.

Went to an old workspace were I did loads of volunteer work last 2 years. One of the owners who wholeheartedly disliked me is leaving so there might be new chances there. It was good to be back and they might be looking to hire. Would be nice.

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