Yeah! I feel like a pussycorn!!! (unicorn + kitten)

Yeah! I found my spark plug!!! It is Iodine! And I feel like this:

A pussycorn…. šŸ™‚

Yesterday I walked 9 kilometer without trouble, without even thinking about it. Today 9 kilometers again in the pouring rain. No worries. If you read in the news that somebody has exploded out of sheer happiness it would be me! I’m high with it. It is amazing.

People that have followed me the last 5 months might have wondered whenever I would get my ass away from the computer and start doing things instead of procrastinating….. Well…. knock wood but I think I’ve got it. And as I said, it is Iodine. Now I google ‘Iodine procrastinating’ and low and behold what shows up: a book saying that heart medication that controls heart flutters as I had them actually depletes the body of Iodine. Nice. So that’s where it came from, my beta blockers. I think I’m gonna check back with my GP2 to inform her of that. :-/

So… How happy am I?! I am over the moon! I have found my energy back and it was indeed my spark plug. I thought it was because if I do stuff I am ok, but the starting… blaaahg……. So there is this new feeling that I can actually look up, and change my view, look at the horizon again. Do you understand? The feeling that life can start again. That the speed of the world and everybody elses speed does not hurt anymore because I am no part of it. Now I can connect again.

I have not been so happy in years. I am back! šŸ™‚ My body is back and we align again and wow. Wow!! This is as good as quitting drinking and maybe even better because the fog in my head is gone too. That took a while!! SKY HIGH! šŸ™‚

Thanks to my mother’s educatation in nutrition and my fathers stubbornness I think that I finally found what I was looking for. Next up: life!

18 thoughts on “Yeah! I feel like a pussycorn!!! (unicorn + kitten)

  1. Wow! Yours truly is a story of perseverance. I’m very happy for you, and proud of you for not ever giving up on your own health. There is so much to read and learn from your blog, particularly for women who wake up in their 40s and realize there is some work to do in that area after abusing alcohol. I want to talk to you offline about your adventures in giving up sugar. ā¤

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    • Thank you. Perseverance has paid of. I am happy. And all these minerals, nutrients – sugar or not, it has SO MUCH to do with how I feel in life. And now I know why I logged it in so much detail because I guess that this is my story to tell. I’m not at the giving up sugar fully yet, but I’ll get there. Do you still have my e-mail address?
      And… can you see the photo of the pussycorn or pegapussy – she has butterfly wings too!!!!


  2. wow! awesome – I am so happy to hear this and for you! well done – it gives me happy hope! and by the way i love your rainbowbutterflyunicornkittykat image; doesnt it just sparkles with happiness! x

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    • It does! It does! And so do I. Still high on my new discovery. Thank you for being happy for me. šŸ™‚ I’m off for another walk but I would love to hear if it gives you a specific happy hope – like do you have a problem with procrastinating as well? Or a general one?

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      • hey! your post gave me a general sense of hope – i cant say that my problem is procrastinating – my problem is more that i am scattery and jump from one thing to the next without giving any thought at all to what im doing and whether its good for me, good for others or whether i like doing it and whether i even want to do it or not. but my hope is that i can; like you – get my shit together and do stuff that is really important and wonderful for me! thanks šŸ™‚

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      • Would that sentence be an example of your thought processes? šŸ˜€
        I’ld say: Google is your friend. šŸ™‚ Or the library or an orthomolocular doctor. Or DIY with the Schuessler salts and food stuff like omega 3 fatty things like avocado, walnuts and fatty fish types.

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      • They know about all the processes going on in the body and say know that say if you happen to have dandruff on the upper right tip of your left ringvinger in combination with sneezing ferociously when reading a early nineties cookbook and a preference for purple clothing of karma free silk that you miss mineral X and vitamin Y. Well, sort of.

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      • yes?! thank you so much for your advice – i will go to health food shop and get calcium phosphate, ferros phosphate and Kali phosphate! how wonderful of u – i will let you know how i go.x

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