NO!!!! The universe. Again!!!

This is a follow-up on yesterdays post on being handed a very UNsuitable vacancy by the universe – that I feel I must pursue because I had actually asked for it. And… my savings won’t last forever :-/.

So here I was, after 2 episodes of Drop Dead Diva AND a switching of my telephone contract to a cheaper version. Good on me 😀 I was finally ready to start with applying for the job.

Now guess who can not find her old CV in her back-ups… I had a computer breakdown a few years ago, worked out that some parts of my hard drive where not back-up correctly. I just found out that these parts included my CV. The only way to retrieve my data is by rewriting them or….. finding a written copy of my files somewhere in the 2m3 of paperwork that I have here.  That is a literal 2m3; as a company you need to save every inch of paper for 7 years at least. So somewhere in those piles that have been staring at me for years… there must be one version of a CV, not? Well, the only way to find out is to look for it.

This is a photo from the internet. But it does portray how I see my admin. 🙂 / 😦

Breathe….. Again…. BREATHE!!!! I MUST FIX THIS ADMIN PANIC SOME DAY IN MY LIFE. I might as well get a go at it now since I have the time. No use in being sober and not doing the living afterwards. I want to whine that I already did the hard stuff and should not have to do another hard thing. Well. I guess I’ll have to do the hard thing AND whine during that. Or I could choose to just do it without the whining and pay attention to the bears on the road and see what they actually look like.

No promises. Don’t get your hopes up. Just trying to see if I can pass for an adult in this field, one of these days. :-/

Ooh, by the way: half an hour after my post of yesterday on the UNsuitabel vacancy, the universe send a friend to mail me a VERY nice and VERY suitable vacancy. It is only halfway across the country and it does not pay enough to actually buy a car for that. Well, no CV, no job. Here I go. I will stand tall and be brave. Possibly for 5 minutes at least.

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