Joke from the universe…

Ghegheghe, I got kicked in the balls by providence. Last weekend I was in my bathtub being all fed up with life and I wished that for once it would be easy and I would not have to do everything by myself. Yes, I know, I keep on locking people out and not accepting help and then complaining about being lonely. Patterns, patterns, patterns… Well, anyway, I was happily complaining and crying away when I finally admitted that I have a princess dream, not so much about a prince, it went as follows: ‘You know what I wish, I wish somebody would just hand me a job opening to which I would only have to apply.’ I felt silly that I would be wishing from the bottom of my heart for something so simple that anybody with a computer would be able to do it. But I wished it with all my heart. Not knowing that the universe was listening. 😀

Well, MAJOR LIFE TIP: Don’t wish too hard, it might come true…. Or at least make sure you get your wishes right! At least ‘righter’ than I did. :-/

Today a friend called, she had applied for a job at a nice company and then screwed herself over with ruining the negotiations. If I wanted to apply because she really believed the company would suit me. Guess what the job is? Doing basic admin for people who got themselves into trouble by NOT doing their admin…. Whaaaaaahaaaaahaaahaaaaa!!!!!! Eh, aarrrrr.

‘Universe, universe, have you been paying attention the last few years? If I don’t take care I of my own admin I WILL BE be their clientele within a year….  😦 ‘

Well, at least I can say I understand their customers VERY WELL! 😀 Gheghegheghe… Who am I not to follow this opportunity that has put itself on my path? Spit providence right back in the face? Disregard this message from the universe? I, a person who eats oracle books for breakfast? Who aims for clairity and studies up on clairvoicence in order to learn about the clarity of feelings. Who blogs 4 hours a day to search for the truth at the bottom of that worn out muscle I call my heart. Who hopes one day to be fully guided by the hints from the universe to a complete, healthy, happy and usefull life. Ooh, karma, karma. What have you done to me? What have I done to me?

You know, I actually do not even have a face to go with a situation this strange.

Happy that I quit. Not proud of what gets uncovered so now and then but amused with the stupidity of life’s events.

To be continued.

7 thoughts on “Joke from the universe…

  1. They always say that the universe rewards those who make positive changes for themselves and others. Could this be a reward?!
    Happy for you not matter what ❤️

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