Alcohol Desensitization Training – Alcohol TOP training

Eons earlier I posted on the free online anti craving / desensitization alcohol training I was doing and said that I would make a full post of it. Well, here it is (finally!). In reaction this post from a Hangover Free Life.

I did a free alcohol desensitization training which is still in its test phase but I think it works. I am assuming that it is not translated in English yet because it is still in its test phase. But…. I am not thus connected to the organisations that I could inform you of, well, anything else but my own experience. And I liked it :-).

This is the website where it all starts. As you see you can do courses on different subjects:


The 2nd is about fear and the 3rd is about depression. Guessing the rest is clear?

I have done the alcohol training and I think it worked. The goal is to desensitize the user to the substance by showing pictures of, in my case, alcoholic drinks in a sort of computer game. The ‘game’ is rather boring in my not so humble opinion. And they don’t show you scores so that makes it even more boring but I guess that is EXACTLY how it works: I felt like I was being bored out of alcohol addiction. :-D. And the scientific word for that would be ‘desensitization’.

I’ve made a *(bad quality) movie of how the game works.

Please note: this is a free online trial of a program in a test phase and because of that they want you do stuff for their them. Which I guess is totally fair but very difficult because it is all in Dutch. As long as you do not totally finish the all the 14 tests then you do not screw up their test data. Which would be impolite. But you might want to enter to do everything you can to ensure your sobriety. So here it comes:

1 They ask you to o fill in a questionnaire that is in Dutch and it might be a bit difficult to translate in Google translate.

2 They are in a test phase where they test out the success rate of 2 different ways of training. They obviously don’t tell you if you get the ‘placebo’ training or the real training. Thing is: if you do get the placebo you get the right to the real training after you finished. So don’t hang up your sobriety on this yet, but just go along, I’d say.


If you are interested and you want to try this out you can do the following:

1 Enter in the test by pushing the addiction button of choice. 😉 You will go to the next page.

2 Push JA IK WIL MEEDONE at the bottom.

3  You get the next screen and when you come in first time press Nee (no). It asks if you are already signed up.

doe je al mee

4 In the next screen click on the red ‘Registreren’ button. Yes, you guessed right, that means register.

5 The screenshot is a little unclear but I guess you’ll work it out.

First is ‘username’ that, can be your blog name, does not have to be real.

Second is pass word.

Third is a confirmation of the pass word

Fourth: email address, must be an existing one, so your fake blog ID might come in handy.

Fifth is a question about your gender.

And the sixth is about your age.

Then press the green button ‘Aanmelden’ which means ‘sign up’.


6 You will receive a mail at the mail address you entered. Mine here says ‘Canabis Top Training’ because I needed a whole new track of the training in order to make the screenshots. If you choose alcohol it will say ‘Alcohol TOP Training’.

Press the FIRST blue ‘hier’ in your e-mail in order to confirm your enter the training. If you want to cancel, press the second blue ‘hier’.


7 By pressing the FIRST blue ‘hier’ in your mail you will be re-routed to the introduction page of the training. This is where they explain how it works. Also that you get two types of games and that the chances are 75% that you receive at least 1 training that is highly succesful. Now scroll down and press the green button at the end of the page.


From here on the whole manual is a sort of ‘next – next – finish’ procedure. If you can’t work out what I’m saying, just do as you see fit because you can’t get out of the loop anymore. If you do, start in the e-mail again.

8 The next bit is important, and coming to this part I am starting to wonder if it is a smart idea to put this out here. :-/ It is a part where you declare that you know what you are doing. The training people ask this because law requires that. I’ll translate below. Check all the boxes if you like to continue and press the green ‘Start’ button at the end.


TRANSLATION (not guaranteeing that I’ve got it 100% correct)

I confirm that I have read the information about the training on the former pages. I understand the info.

I know that I am voluntarily taking part in this and I can withdraw my consent at any moment without explanation.

I understand that the results of this research will be used in publications in scientific magazines and during presentations during congresses. I am ok with this providing my anonymity is guaranteed.

I am Ok with the fact that I can be invited by e-mail and phone to take part in various parts of the research.

I understand that if I have any questions I can contact the TOP training team at the following e-mail address:

I understand that I can contact a member of the Ethcial commission of the Psychology department of the University of Amsterdam (Prof Dr. Van der Molen, e-mail,, telephone: 020-5256835)


The only thing I have to say about this is that I don’t know how they will be calling anybody because when I did it they did not ask for a phone number.

9 After you have pressed Start in the page before you get to another page of info. Here it explains the 2 parts of the training.


The attention of people who use a lot of alcohol is automatically drawn to alcohol and everything connected to alcohol. Because of this selective attention people use alcohol quicker. The attention training changes the automatic attention for alcohol.


People that use a lot of alcohol are in the habit of moving towards it when they see it. Because of this subconscious action people are usually use more alcohol. The action training changes the automatic tendency to move towards alcohol.


Each part takes about 10-15 minutes, take a break in between if you like.


10 I believe the bottom of the next page says; Klik hier om te beginnen! So you clicker ‘hier’.

11 What follows is a questionnaire. If you want to be politically correct you have 2 options:

1 Difficult: translate everything, including the questions on the following pages and answer truthfully. This is almost impossible because I even had difficulty with the questions in Dutch. And due to the difference in language where you use double negatives and Dutch do not, never… :-D, it is VERY HARD / IMPOSSIBLE to correctly Google translate it all.

2 Easy: answer anything but make it clear for the researchers that you, because of language issues can not really participate so from all questions pick the top answer or the left answer.

Continue your way through the questionnaire and if all is right you end up at the tests. First they teach you how to do the test and then you can go! Desensitize.

This manual has not worked out as precise as I would wanted it but you can always mail me if you have questions. Once you get to the part after the e-mail it is a sort of “next – next – finish’ procedure.

Good luck! Hope you desensitize to alcohol. 🙂

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