Radical Self-Honesty by Tara Brach

‘Sir, what is the secret of your succes?’

‘Two words.’

‘Ok…. what are they?’

‘Right decissions.’

‘And how do you make the right decissions?’

‘One word.’

‘Sir, what it that?’


‘And how do you get experience?’

‘Two words.’

‘Sir, what is that?’

‘Wrong decissions.’

……And then on with accepting that we do make mistakes.

This is from Tara Brach in a video on Radical Self-Honesty. Enjoy.

And thanks to Losetheboozehealsthesoul for pointing me in her direction.


5 thoughts on “Radical Self-Honesty by Tara Brach

  1. Go Tara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was a massive turning point in my life, and I am forever grateful to her. I can not recommend her more highly. Glad you have discovered her.
    more links on her stuff if you haven’t got them already:

    Part One: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/a/1/3/a1332a5870c6d8da/2014-10-15-Pt1-Happiness-TaraBrach.mp3?c_id=7755343&expiration=1414221573&hwt=69f3fbc82420253e8331b5b25a908299
    Part Two: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/c/7/4/c7448d99c319cc96/2014-10-22-Pt2-Happiness-TaraBrach.mp3?c_id=7777957&expiration=1414220822&hwt=c993e440a97e363d7f65987fd6a94c3d

    hugs from nz


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