Don’t feel like writing

Funny, I guess I must have had an overdose of computer time. I suddenly can’t stand it anymore and can’t imagine why I spend so much time in front of the screen. Got 2 new books, reading Recovery 2.0. Excited to learn where he goes with this sentence he keeps repeating about processing emotions. I feel that for me there’s a thing that I don’t do. I stock memories and have difficulty processing them. This circle of life in the small way is never finished in my life. We’ll see. 🙂

I guess I am happy that I quit. It is sort of getting normal now.

3 thoughts on “Don’t feel like writing

    • So far I’m liking although by now, not sure if I am sorry to say, but I am sorry to note that with all these ‘ex-addict’ books I get the feeling that writing and being EXACT in writing is not their fortĂ©. But I’m not sure how to deal with this critisism that I have had all my life but only now see. It does not feel right even though I know that I would not let my studentst get away with some of the quality of writing that I have seen (not particularly in Recovery 2.0). And no – I am not doing it better here online either which is partly because I don’t edit but mostly because I am no better than the persons I critique. Yet, still…. :-/

      How did you receive the book? Or shall we speak when I have finished it too?


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