Today, and I am guessing yesterday too, I was so tired of thinking about NOT drinking that I went to do stuff for myself and relax. Good. Read part of Veronica Valli’s book on Why you drink and how to stop and a Jack Vance book. 🙂 Bit ashamed to say that I have read that set of Vace books 7 times already in my life but now I find new sentences. Hmmm 😦 At those times I never noticed that I drank so much. That hurts.

Pffff, don’t want to worry today. I need to take care of me and taking care is also resting if things get too much. I did focus a little on getting and staying sober but instead of me copying my reply to Mallard’s blog and you reading that here, you might want to drop by at Mallard’s place and maybe lend her a hand.

Have a nice Wednesday, or maybe you are going into Thursday already when reading this. I wish you all the best. May the good voice inside set and keep you on the right track. ❤

7 thoughts on “Hmmmm….

  1. Great post. Your supposed to take care of you. Amazing the things you find when you read something over and over. The Big Book is that way with me. I love your saying “the good voice”. God Bless and love for your journey 🙂 ❤


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