Loads of changes, nothing to say

Went to see my therapist today. Loads of stuff surfaced, dark stuff, good stuff, impressive stuff. That’s the good thing about quitting: stuff gets unveiled. And no, I can’t say I am suddenly ready or jumping of joy to do all of that. I guess I am, at first, never willing or ready to change in the parts where it matters. But I feel I’ve got no choice, can’t stay where I am because my vision of the world does not help me to live in it well. And afterwards it is ok.

And now I am tired and have very little to say. Apart from a story on the cat. She is extra cute today. She laid herself down on the laundry I was trying to fold because laying out an old sweater or old towel and petting that is my way of telling her I made a new bed for her. So she kept on laying down. πŸ™‚ And I had to move to another corner of the table with another towel and then she would come to lay down on that. Cute!!!!

I am happy that I quit. Happy in a very tired way, today.

Have a good evening, night, morning, day where ever you are in the world. πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Loads of changes, nothing to say

  1. Congratulations on your bravery. It’s not easy to face some of those darker things. I love that your cat is so sensitive to your feelings and giving you lots of love and cuteness. Hugs from here.


  2. Glad you are still posting and sober. I am just getting back into the online world of sobriety after nearly a week off. I have read some of your other posts about needing less online time. Maybe pick a day a week to just relax and let yourself just be. Pick a non-stressful day of course. For me that would probably be a Tuesday or Wednesday. But I agree that spending so much time online can be really draining. I just posted about it on my blog today. =) Have a happy sober weekend and good luck with therapy!


    • Thanks :-). It is a strange decision. I need the writing to get my head clear but I could do with less online time. I guess I could do with less commenting. But then it is a bit strange not to comment because most writers can recognise in their stats that I have read the post because of the country I come from. Choices, choices :-).


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