Guinea pig day tomorrow

Tomorrow I will meet the nutritionist. I guess she will be the first non professional person (she is in training, I am the guinea pig) in my offline life that I will tell about my drinking history. Or at least, that I quit and would like to repair damage done.

After that a Facebook friend of mine comes over. More than a year ago he went into rehab 🙂 and he is still free. I am happy for him. Today I told him in a message that I did not drink anymore either. He’s coming over to practise his counselling skills for becoming a sobriety counsellor or how would you call that? Again, I am the guinea pig. He posted at Facebook that he was looking for people to practise counselling on, addiction not required :-D. I said I could use some help with life stuff. I am guessing he will be a little surprised that his first attempt includes the real deal. 🙂

And after that, late at night, my brother comes to sleep over because he’s been to a concert in the neighbourhood… I told him it is BYO and carry out what you carry in here now.

I am looking forward to the first 2 appointments, it just combines really strange with my brother coming over and specifically after a death metal concert… I mean, death metal?

We shall see, of to bed early tonight, make sure I am well rested to face real life and be able to feel my way through. 🙂

Happy that I quit. Yesterday I was too tired of all the turmoil to be happy. Now I am happy again that I quit. Sometimes I wonder if people that read my blog actually believe that I can be happy about it. I could imagine that posts like the one from yesterday don’t sound all too happy. I don’t know. For me it is separate, being unhappy about something that happened and happy about quitting. I am happy that I can separate these. If not I guess I would have been in trouble. But maybe I should not worry about it because it is no use to wonder if you think I am happy, no need to go there. I am happy that I quit. That is what I am responsible for. 🙂 And it is going well. And I am happy about that too. 🙂 Ok, ok, I’ll stop the prancing in my Little House of the Prairy frock.

Do you know I am actually still considering buying the full dvd box for from my sobriety savings? YES!! I AM SORRY! 😦 Can’t help it. And yes I do know that it looks strange next to all the seasons of ‘Buffy the Vampire slayer’, Lord of the Rings editors cut part 1, 2 and 3, The X-files, Californication and 6 Feet Under, but still!! Hmmpfffff! Well, no, I would take them out of the box and hide them in a folder, anonymously. Wouldn’t want mister F to think I am a sissy if he would ever think of dropping by. In my lifetime that is.

What did you buy from your sobriety money?

6 thoughts on “Guinea pig day tomorrow

    • Ghegheghe, no, you are right. Thank you. I keep on moving forward into the thoughts I expect with readers and backwards against my own spine thinking ‘No, this is my account, do not worry about what readers think.’
      I’ll do my best to bring you a (juicy? thorough? real?) acccount of the affairs. Might take a while since brother is around the house. Looking forward to my meetings. 🙂
      I hope you are happy too!
      xx, Feeling

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  1. Ha! That’s funny- I have a hard core death metal loving brother too. Good luck with your appointments. Those guinea pig ones are always good – free therapy 🙂
    With my sobriety money I have been buying some much needed hiking gear and saving for a trip. Amazing how much I am saving. Just one of the many perks!


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