Tadaaaaa!! Part 1 of the admin!

Done! I did part 1 of my expense report (what do you call that?) to my medical insurance. After yesterdays insights it is actually not that hard. :-/

Good: done without stress, just done.

Bad: if I had done it 1,5 month earlier I would have saved about 300 Euro’s. Now invoices have expired. šŸ˜¦ Well. So be it. Can’t change that now.

And…. I’ve called the blond god at his work. Did not get connected, left a number. We shall see.

For now: Mastercheff and some cleaning and realising that I do make progress. And most of it is easy and some of it is not. That’s life and part of this process is to start to accept that. Not wanting to run away from it in whatever way.

Happy that I quit. Today I am happy because I don’t want to go through what I have been going through again.


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