Not able

My glasses broke – I was cleaning them and the brige broke. I need them to read, I can do about 5 minutes without glasses. So much for doing admin. But I can still clean like crazy of course :-D, my other favorite past time.

Felt like giving in, giving up. Not going to. This is what I hate about alcohol. It has made me incapable to deal with any stuff. And when I deal with stuff it tells me that I need a reward. Immediately. Doing stuff because they need to be done just feels like it is not an option. Happy that I am aware of it though. Makes it easier to anticipate disappointment or plain ‘boredom’, need to do some expectation management on life.

Would you know where I can read up on how this reward system works for addicts? And do you have any tips on dealing with it?

By the way; currently reading ‘Why you drink and how to stop’ from Veronica Valli. I’m not far in yet but I am loving it. Very curious what she is going to say about the spiritual side of having been addicted. 🙂

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