Little poll on cough medicine

Cough medicine can contain DXM which can be used as a recreational drug. Did you hear?

I just remembered I got that stuff at age 5 or so. It took me I think half a day to get addicted and I kept on running back to the fridge, secretly taking another spoon. My mother was highly schooled in child care so I assume she must have known. Or maybe this was not common knowledge 40 years ago. I do remember her getting angry once when she caught me.

I put up a little poll on the subject. It is anonymous by the way.



Happy that I quit. Little bit tired of the things I go through, all the work. Pffffff… I need to get my mind on other stuff. Happy that I go see my therapist tomorrow too. This self chosen ‘I can do this on my own’ attitude is getting to me.

5 thoughts on “Little poll on cough medicine

  1. Hope the session with the Therapist goes well – I’m going to see mine tomorrow, too πŸ™‚ Gonna talk about how I can feel more at ease with being an introvert (I love it until I’m in a certain type of social situation) and hopefully, eventually, DROP all that trying to fit in crap!
    I never knew about the cough medicine thing! x

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  2. I don’t remember feeling funny after taking cough medicine. I think because my fevers made me feel so out of it, I wouldn’t have even noticed a medicinal buzz. I was more drawn to the flavor of it. Cherry was better than the standard flavor. I haven’t had it since I was a child, though.


    • πŸ™‚ You say you liked the flavour. Did you by any chance also want or take more than prescribed or, like me secretly drink extra or even take your siblings medicine?

      We had sweet licorice taste but in the country we live in everybody likes that.


    • Hmmm. I came to the subject because I saw a 2-3 year old walking, crying and screaming: I WANT MY COUGH MEDICINE!!!! I NEED MY COUGH MEDICINE!!!! My thought was: he is addicted. But I was too broken myself to dare to speak with the parents that obviously had no idea what was going on. Not a lot of people know it unfortunately. 😦


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