Being creative with issues

Again, not feeling that there is something to share, get of my chest or discovery to be made.

Well, maybe one. After having discovered that I really react strongly to sugar I think I have now put my focus on that subject. So being at a party and being offered wine at several occasions and being questioned about not drinking did not bother me a bit. I even poured somebody a glass of wine without it connecting to something inside me. I was just very happy that they did not want to talk me into eating cake. That’s all. I call it ‘being creative with issues’. 😀

None of these people will drink excessively at somebody elses party but they all think that there are only 4-5 glasses of wine in a bottle. For those that have not seen the tables that should be 7,5 units for 12% wine and 9 units for 14% wine.

And we biked home and got to 45 kilometer in total so I don’t think I have to do my yoga today. But tomorrow I have to run and catch up on the deep cleaning and the online alcohol desensitivity training.

Happy that I biked. Happy to have seen friends. Happy that I did not feel ashamed about having drunk too much the night before. Happy that I have the energy to go. Happy that the alcohol depression did not make me feel like wanting to worm myself out of it. Happy that I was able to see how alcohol has an effect people and it does not add. I never drank during the day but still, looking back, every day had the same depressing colour and feel to it. No clarity. And that is what I want to become. I want to become clear.

Not proud anymore because, maybe because it is not about pride it is about process and/or transformation. I am guessing process is about pride, transformation not. Transformation is about being.

2 thoughts on “Being creative with issues

    • Yes, it is interesting! But it is all in Dutch, however, I can walk you through it and you can Google translate 😀 because the questions they ask are important to them and less to you. And you can do the desensitizing without language knowledge. They show photo’s of booze and you need to push buttons on your keyboard. That’s all but it works to desensitize. The first group they did had only 20% relapse in 1 year. And it is free. 🙂 Free is good. I am thinking that maybe the photo’s don’t connect with non-Dutch people because the brands of booze uses might not make a connection. Don’t know. I guess I’ll do another topic on it later this week. If you want to see what they do you can ‘next, next, finish’ your way through the questions.


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