This feeling of ‘pffffff….’

Still not feeling 100%, guessing it comes from the giving blood at the GP or from kicking of the sugar. I was pretty clean but pretty clean did not work out to be enough and today I am experiencing cravings. Sugar cravings mainly but there are these thoughts that say that a beer would be a good solution too. So quitting sugar for 100% is actually effecting my alcohol cravings. Exactly what the book said. But I am not happy about it.

And now I have this feeling of ‘pffffff…. bored now…..’ that tells me the solutions should come from the outside. Did sleep this afternoon, calmed me down a little.

I should take better care of eating enough and regularly. Still not doing that properly. Why not? I’m a bit tired of my own moaning and sternness. Trap. I still have difficulty thinking so I might as well eat something and be of to bed.

I should have set the egg timer every 15 minutes, I would have noticed earlier that I had not eaten enough. I did eat but it was raw red cabbage with carrots, apple, fresh ginger and a yoghurt dressing. Very good! But it probably takes more calories than it brings…

That’s the bad thing with low sugar, it also affects the brain and it makes me careless. Grrrrrr… I don’t want this. Moaning now. And there is the desperate feeling. Hello! If only all of my life I would have known this. Want to win a war? Cut down the sugar supply to the country and you are done. Did you know that the country that I live in has its own heavily subsidised sugar production? It is by no means commercial but it is considered to be of strategic importance.

Happy that I quit. A bit surprised that I come to my first real craving at, what is it, 6 weeks or so. Lucky that they are about sugar. Happy that I know how it works. Irritated that I know but don’t act upon it. Need to stock up tomorrow as well because we will do a 50km bike tour. Which is good!!! Not proud, didn’t do The Plan, started it but went to sleep.

4 thoughts on “This feeling of ‘pffffff….’

  1. There must be something in the air – it feels like hard work at the moment doesn’t it!
    After my dream last night though, I think the alternative (ie drinking) would be far worse than any struggle with being sober.
    I think you’re doing such a great job with the nutrition side of things – don’t be too hard on yourself if you need to forget the plan for a bit and rest. Sleep is excellent, I have always loved it, and being sober, I think it’s not only more restorative, but I need to be even more aware of when my body needs it.
    I was only thinking just now, how I can’t seem to push through tiredness so much now. I mean, you would think I’d have more stamina without the wine, but no.
    Anyway, hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂


  2. For the person searching WordPress after the meaning of ´pffffff´, or ´what does pffffff mean´: pfffff or pffff, or pff, or pfffffffffffffffffffffffffff 🙂 is a sound we Dutchies make when we want to give expression to a sigh. So we sigh and make the sound ‘p’ and it ends up sounding like pffffff. We use it when tired, when overwhelmed or totally asthonished or surprised or overasked. In the last situation we open our eyes real big.

    In case you might wonder, there is no reference to any other bodily sounds anywhere in when using pffff in these situations. However…. well, that is a totally different situation. I always use it like a sigh.

    Hope it helped 🙂

    xx, Feeling


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