Addict bingo

Having received a 1000 Euro bill on a 4 hour intake for a detox programme I thought: might as well set up my own camp. And, I am guessing with that I have come to complete all the exclamations of an ex-addict in repair. Like ‘I can do this by myself’ and ‘I am sure I will never drink again.’ and what have you? My book on Addictive Thinking has not arrived yet so I am not totally up to date with my own cunning.

However, I did think I’d draw up a ‘addict bingo’ like you have ‘buzzword bingo‘. So I turn to Google and search on addict bingo to get some inspiration. Works out that one can actually get addicted to bingo….. 😦 So, no results on addict bingo. Loads on bingo addict..


Of course there is a way around it with the below search. But I did not press that search button because already this autocomplete list oozes pain and aggression. I am guessing it were not addicts looking for a speech topic that entered these searches. 😦


So maybe I can, say, start to do something useful with my time. Like have a life. Do The Plan.

On thing: did I tell you my blood pressure is back to normal? Yeah!!!! 2 Weeks ago it was still too high and now it has dropped about 30 points in total on both levels together. Hurray! And of course that was before the pint of blood they took from me today for testing. 😉

Proud that I quit and that it is paying of in measurable numbers. Happy that the sun is shining. I’m gonna do some more cleaning of my library and sing loudly. That’s how I roll today. 😉

3 thoughts on “Addict bingo

    • Yes, but now dealing with my first real craving but more for sugar then for alcohol. Guess I should have taken the giving blood this mornng a little more serious. I am thinking I should have eaten more to compensate. Dunno. Did not eat soon enough anyhow. Still not taking care of me. Problem thinking. I have gone 100% sugar free since 5 days or so and it really hits me. This is much more difficult than booze for me. Thought that it would not be hard to go from 98% added sugar free to a 100%. Not eating sweet fruits either, apart from a banana after the giving blood. I’m going to sleep it of. Extremely tired. Pffffff. Put my bed out on the balcony, catch some sun.


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