What?!! Yes, I went running

Got in my tights, hurray for the heavy stretch quality, did up the hair, laced up (in?) the boobies, got the sneakers out, dried the running jacket and collected the schedule and the egg timer. Hurray too for egg timers.

Did the running. It went well, no pain in the chest, no funny shortage of breath, no swollen joints hurting, just running in the park under lovely old trees that have seen it all.

I also had an experience of awareness in/of (?) my shoulders and upper back. That is new.  I can not remember ever having felt that. It had to do with the trees and nature and realising that I am only a tiny bit of Creation and how futile my worries actually are. I could unburden. That is new. I don’t have to wait with being relaxed till I am perfect. That is new too. I like it.

Happy that I quit drinking. Happy that I ran. Happy and proud that I have given myself a second chance at living.

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