Woke up early, hadn’t finished my self assigned homework for GP3 yet. Would love to get her help on the nutrients approach to dealing with alcohol addiction. Mostly, mostly because I believe in it and also because I would LOVE to do something about my memory loss, stress levels, sensitivity to chemicals and hypoglycemia. Those are in step 4 or 5 in the process.

Last night I went to see a friend. We had dinner and a very nice evening. We have known each other for 2-3 years now and see each other every week or every second week and call at least on a weekly base. I tried to start a sentence when she was in the kitchen and I in the hall playing with the cat. I forgot here name. And it did not come back to me for at least 5 minutes. By then there was panick involved but shit, shit, shit this is nasty. I have that a lot of times. I forget what we spoke about, I forget when we met. How can I ever get a job at my level if my memory is that bad?

And I feel like a hypocrite wasting my brain for years, one of the good things I’ve got going for me, and now suddenly worrying about it.

I am guessing part of it has to do with having no structured week. Weekend, weekdays, they are all the same to me. And I do all the same things, mostly hanging in front of this screen. So I need to get variety of places of actions and oxygen to my brain. I will. Let’s see how I do with The Plan today. There is some running time on the list.… Don’t hold your breath 😉

No! There shall be no upfront excuses or jokes about not committing to the plan! Either do or don’t and monitor what is going on. No joking.

Happy that I quit, proud of it but aware that the real test is only to begin. No, no gloomy thoughts; I am happy that I have given myself this sober new start in life and I am looking forward to deal with whatever comes on my way walking my path. 🙂 No assumptions of bears or whatevers on the way. Just happy. Ok, happy in a tense kind of way.

2 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Good for you for being aware of negative thoughts creeping in! I think the memory loss thing is actually pretty normal, even though it is frustrating and even a bit scary sometimes. Look up PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome). Basically after drinking for so many years, your brain and nervous system need time to rewire correctly. Be kind to yourself!
    Lots of hugs today…

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