Normal day 3

Woke up at 7:00 to post news of the little cat I found outside before people were leaving their houses. Then tried 10.001 options to find the owner. Then went crazy on shopping for 8 people to feed, cleaned the house, cooked a mediteranian dinner with soup, bread, made a few dipthingy’s and grilled vegetable salad with grilled haloumi.

It was a wonderfull booze free evening with the full girls club. Only one remark of somebody saying ‘Oooh. Yeah, you don’t drink anymore. Hmm, what tea do you have?’ It was never a ‘drinking event’, hardly 1 bottle in 5 or 6 people. I am so happy that I planned this quitting stuff for years now also by selecting friends and letting go of those who would give me trouble when I would quit.

Really, I have gone from boozing to feeling Little House on the Prairy to going all Martha Stewart today serving tea fresh mint or ginger tea from under my macrameed thee-cosy. One accident not so MS,  overheard this conversation while setting the table:

‘Hmmm, what’s that smell?’

‘That’s this black kitten, he farts when you pat him.’

And so it is.

A happy evening with loving friends, we had no alcohol but we did have a homeless, farting kitten. 🙂 A month ago I would not have thought the tea or the kitten would be there and I would not have realised or felt how lucky I am with these wonderful people. Aaah, it is exactly a month ago that I quit. I feel like I have accomplished something. I have not had that in a long while. It feels good, brings rest in my head. I don’t even want to write about ‘how it was’ when there was no rest. Don’t want to walk that path.

Another normal day. I would have never thought, not even dare to hope that my thinking could automatically turn away from the resentful brooding that I did. But it does. With a month of no alcohol, a feeling of accomplishment and only a little planning (bedtime, wake-up time, breakfast, lunch and dinner) and a little action.

Maybe that is the most amazing discovery of not drinking: the realisation that a big part of ‘my’ feelings were fuelled by booze. Not regretting that, but I might have to rewrite my history again.

I am happy that I quit and I am proud of it. It was a good choice.


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