All these cleaning plans

I had all these plans for cleaning the house because of a dinner get together tonight with 8 people. And now I am taking care of this kitten, spreading the news, going to the vet, see if it is chipped, leaving notes, calling people, making pictures, answering prank phone calls of those that read the ‘kitten found’ poster outside…. While my own cat is angry in the bedroom and does not come out. 😦

I am guessing it its indicative for my attitude: I have this tendency to ‘take care’ of everything and everybody, whether you like it or not, but not of myself. I’ll bet you the owner of this cat will come screaming to say that the cat was not lost at all. No, not true, did get a phone call that it has been living with different neighbours for a week now. So why don’t these people take action? Because they have jobs and they have a life. 😦

Well, good time to practice my organisational skills.


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