Starting to feel like 30 years back

It is about 30, make that 29 years ago that I first drank alcohol. I am realising that, despite a whole lot of shit going on then, I generally woke up singing, literally. As I generally do now I don’t drink. My first posts may have been / be dark and the darkness is there. But it is not all overpowering anymore. I see the sun, I’m happy. Or I’m happy so I can see the sun. I can hear the birds, enjoy the spiders in their webs, love the first leaves falling.

Allen Carr tought me about smoking that ‘People that smoke have cravings, these cravings can get really bad when they are for instance on an international flight of several hours. What people fear about quitting smoking is that, for the rest of their lives they will feel like those hours in the plane. That is not the truth. They will feel free, breath freely, be happy that they quit.’ And then follows some disclaimer on how to do it, but I did what he said, I mean, he was the expert, why not undo my own brainwash (smoking is nice) and replace it with some truth (smoking is nasty). It got me through and I was happy that I was free.

Same for drinking. I wake up singing now. 🙂 Happy that I quit and proud of it. I am free.

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