You humans, all this haste.

One of the things on my ‘sober to do list’ is get out more, be more active. Woods, parklands are my favourite place to be and lo and behold, we actually have a wonderful wood around the corner. Went there with a friend this afternoon. It was lovely. Why have I never been there before? It’s only a 20 minute bike ride away? We found a new strip of wood through the city that has only bike paths, wonderful.

We found a paddock in the sun with a large tree and a beautiful view. Sat there the whole afternoon, talk, picnic, watch a heron that caught 3 mice while we were there, laid down in the grass, feel the earth beneath my body. I was explaining why Himalayan salt is so special and started of with ‘This salt comes out of a salt mine and is 150 million years old. But actually, we are too. I heard this women say “I am as old as the world because I am made of elements that have been around as long as the world exists’. We pondered on that while laying in the grass and with this thought in my head I really could lay down, let the world carry me, the sun warm me.

The wind passed by, turned to look at us and said; ‘Don’t worry. Let go. It is how it has been for millions of years. You humans, all this haste.’



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